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Started by Wes13, Jun 05, 2004, 07:19 AM

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I've just got the demo of ITE and I think it's allright.
I was just woindering are there any fan sites of ITE around? Are there any Fanfiction of ITE?

Anyways I hope to get the full version as a gift for getting good grades on my Finals.

"Enemies of the Imperium, you have come here to die. The Immortal Emperor is with us and we are invincible. We are the First Kronus regiment and today is our Victory Day!" -Governor Lukas Alexander, Leader of the Imperial Guard forces on the planet Kronus


Hehe well.. pay attention to the release date of the game. Of course, the graphic isn't that new anymore - but that makes it even cooler :D

As far as I know, most fansites disappeared again, cause the internet wasn't as present as it is today when the game was in stores..