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How to update DOS versions

Started by Fellkinn, Apr 14, 2010, 12:26 PM

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(Since I'm new to this forum: Hi to everyone!!!)

The following text is about how to use the official updates (except the in this case unnecessary third one) with the DOS version of this great game. Step by step... (yes, it really works!  ^_^).

1. Things you need:

  • the DOS version of Inherit the Earth (talkie or non-talkie; german "Erben der Erde" works fine, too)
  • the official update 1 and update 2 (yes... from the site you're on right now :rolleyes:)
  • An unpacker like WinRAR or WinZip to extract the updates manually (it also works without an unpacker, because the updates are selfextracting zip files, but WITH an unpacker it's much more convenient to do)
  • ScummVM, which is a kind of engine that makes oldschool adventures run on modern OS (with it, you can also play the DOS version e.g. on Linux)

2. Install the programms:
Install ScummVM and (if you like to) an unpacker. DON'T try installing Inherit the Eath with it's own "INSTALL.EXE"!

3. Copy game data files:
Create a directory on your HD, in which the game should be placed (e.g. "C:\Inherit the Eath" or a folder called "ITE" inside ScummVM directory...) and then search and copy the following files from the game cd or floppies:

  • VOICES.RSC (talkie version only)
  • If there are any "*.bbm" files, copy them, too
  • If there are any "*.iaf" files, copy them, too
  • If there is a "music/" folder, copy it's content (without the folder itself), too
  • If there is a "patch/" folder, copy it's content (without the folder itself), too
  • If there is a "sound/" folder, copy it's content (without the folder itself), too
  • You don't need to copy any "*.exe" files!
It's important, that you don't have any subdirectories in the end! All the files must be placed directly into the target folder!

4a. Extracting "update 1" data files (using an unpacker):
(If you DON'T use an unpacker, then proceed directly at step 4b)
Open the file "iteupd1.exe" with the unpacker of your choice and extract the file "CREDIT3N.DLT" from the "graphics" subdirectory directly into the game directory (similar to where you've put the files in at step 3). This will fix (or extend?) the credits.

4b. Extracting "update 1" data files (using no unpacker):
(If you've followed step 4a using an unpacker, then proceed directly at step 5)

  • press the Keys "Win+R" and wait 'till a window comes up
  • Type "%TEMP%" and press return. A new window will now open up, which is windows' temporary directory (windows can take about 1 or up to 20 seconds to open the window, so be patient).
  • After a short while, a new folder should appear in the "%TEMP%" window. It's name should be something like "WZSE0.TMP" and it should be the last in the file list. Open this folder and the subfolder "graphics" and copy the file "CREDIT3N.DLT" directly into the game directory (similar to where you've put the files in at step 3). This will fix (or extend?) the credits.
  • When copying is finished abort the updater by clicking "Disagree"

5. Extracting "update 2" data files:
Search and extract the following files out of "iteupd2.exe" (just like you did at step 4a or 4b):

  • music.rsc (this one gives you the cool HQ Roland MT-32 virtual analoque synthisizer sound!!! Sounds nearly as well as it's big brother with real key I'm used to play and which is standing right beside me *gg*)
  • P2_A.iaf (hidden in the "sound" folder. This one fixes a missing dialogue!)

6. Update 3 is not necessary for the use with ScummVM!

7. Installing and playing "Inherit the Earth" using ScummVM:

  • start ScummVM
  • click "Add Game..."
  • Go to the directory, where you copied the game and update files to and click "Choose" (you don't have to select a specific file inside the directory).
  • The an options window will now come up. Just klick "OK"! (for the ones who've spotted the "True Roland MT-32" option: HAAANDS OFF!!! Oops... didn't want to frighten you...)
  • Now doubleclick "Inherit the Earth" OR select it and click start!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !    Y O U ' V E    D O N E    I T ! ! !
...and if you haven't really done it... just ask :wub:

I switched between "explaning to my mother" and "explaning to a media junkie" back and forth while writing, so (I have to admit) this hole text is a bit... hm... kind of "confusing" :huh: :rolleyes:


This is really a lot of steps to follow but that always translates to complications and hard to follow guides. But I have to say, not this one, as this is really well written and directing the user from one phase to another without getting lost in between. It is really easy and well elaborated. I bet there would be a lot of people that appreciates your effort here. I am hoping that they would compile everything together and it would be a lot easier.


Can the original 1994 DOS CD version be made to recognize the patches without having to rely on SCUMM VM?

The game runs fine in DOSBox, but the patches are not recognized. I still get the duplicated audio track bug in the introduction credits.

I know the patches have been put in the correct place because if I access the same game directory using SCUMM VM the audio patch is recognized.

I prefer to use DOSBox because I can get proper full screen HQ3 rendering on my iMac's 2560x1440 screen. The SCUMM VM graphics renderer does not currently properly support this higher resolution in full screen mode.

So, back to my original question : can the patches be made to work on the original 1994 CD version so that they are recognized by DOSBox or even an actual 90s PC running DOS?