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Is this a Bug or an Error?

Started by Tav Windpaw, Jan 04, 2008, 12:32 PM

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Tav Windpaw

Is this a Bug or an Error?  I was wondering around the ancient ruins and came across this double of Ook  _if I misspelled it sorry_ 

Also I still dont know where to go to now. I was caught by the wolf tribe and freed by the she-wolf and went behind the waterfall and tried the tryagualer device on the door. but it says its missing something Helop is needed Please.


Check the Docks. Should be an NPC there with an item you'll want. It helps with a door.
~ Allester E. Darkflame


That would be a bug. The extra Okk is from the scene where to the gang is trying to enter the grounds of the Sanctuary of the Orb. Don't know why he's there.