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So who was it? (Some spoilers...)

Started by W. John Stinnett, Jul 11, 2007, 10:00 PM

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W. John Stinnett

I've noticed a lot of websites, including the Wikipedia page on TLoT, saying it is Professor Garret's lying outside of King Minos's tomb... wouldn't be his friend, Cornelius Lyons? The library files on Garret suggest he committed suicide in the "original" time line, and probably died of natural causes in 1978 after retiring in the "revised" time line. Do I have it all wrong, or am I on to something?


Garr, now I need to replay that part and check again.

W. John Stinnett

It seems implausible that Professor Garret, who was so devoted to looking into this Sorcerer King stuff in Uxmal, would bother to take a trip to Crete to see the tomb, even if it was his friend's discovery. It's not like today, where he could just take a flight out to Europe. He'd have to go by sea, which reminds me, there's a good chance that Professor Garret made his discoveries on (or really close to) the same day the RMS Titanic struck the iceberg and sank into the ocean.


Does make a bit more sense. I always assumed it was Garret because there never seemed to be enough emphasis on Cornelius.

Then again I think I thought "OH IT'S GARRET" when I first played it back when I was 7 and never bothered rethinking that.