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Music Identified

Started by WyrmMaster, Feb 04, 2008, 01:22 PM

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Recently Brad found a document giving the source and track information for the music in The Labyrinth of Time. The scores come from the stock music library of Associated Production Music. The track names and authors (in no particular order) are:

Hymn to the Sun [E. Allen/F. Reidy]
Heart [J. Bouchety]
Telecom [J. Asher]
With Menace 2 [J. Cameron]
Ravages of Time (A) [T. Hymas]
Aztec Gold (A) [N Glennie-Smith]
Pastoral Colours [K. Mansfield]
Kisses in the Wind (F) [M. Storey]
Intrigue [D. Vorhaus]
The Killing Ground (A) [R. Harvey]
A Walk in the Dark (A) [R. Harvey]
When Time Runs Out [R. Harvey]
Silent Scream (A) [R. Harvey]
The Menacing Silence (A) [R. Harvey]
Chain of Events (A) [J. Devereaux]

The letter in parenthesis indicates that APM licenses more than one song by that name; e.g. Aztec Gold. It appears that not all these tracks are still available from APM.

Update: ShadowMan indicates all the tracks are available. See below.


I haven't been this excited in ages. Thanks!  ^_^
Believe it or not, these are all up on the site, just buried deeply. Interestingly enough, "When Time Runs Out" is unused.

Here's a list of all the songs in the order they appear in the game, with the correct CD and track number.

Intrigue - KPM 58, Track #11
The Killing Ground - KPM 63, Track #8
Kisses in the Wind - KPM 52, Track #26
Ravages of Time - KPM 24, Track #2
The Menacing Silence - KPM 64, Track #32
Pastoral Colours - KPM 30, Track #1
A Walk in the Dark - KPM 64, Track #11
Heart - BR 17, Track #25
Hymn to the Sun - BR 17, Track #9
With Menace 2 - BR 56, Track #47
Chain of Events - KPM 75, Track #16
Aztec Gold - KPM 25, Track #23
[repeat Intrigue]
Silent Scream - KPM 64, Track #29
Telecom - BR 18, Track #22

When Time Runs Out - KPM 64, Track #28

I'll record them from the site tomorrow.


I went to the site and checked out a couple of the tracks.  There seem to be some minor differences between the versions in the game and the versions on the site.  Interesting.

And here goes me, dork that I am, trying to commit those track titles to memory.  ^_^


I think I've got you beat, Corvus.  I arranged an entire piece for piano and have memorized it.   ^_^


Quote from: Kiolansin on Mar 01, 2008, 08:59 PM
I think I've got you beat, Corvus.  I arranged an entire piece for piano and have memorized it.   ^_^

Ooooooh.  Would you be willing to record and share that?


I would if I could.  :angry:   Best I could do would be to send anyone the sheet music, if they wanted it.


I've been trying to arrange Telecom for a small jazz ensemble (playing loosely with it, mostly just keeping the notes in the background), but I suck at arranging things. :( Do post the sheet music though.


Here it is, judging from the list above, it's called "Pastoral Colours", and the only one I could really arrange easily for piano.  I tried to stay relatively true to the score, but some parts were a little hard to figure out completely.   I don't even think I play it exactly as I arranged it, anyway.  Hope someone will play this and enjoy it.   :mellow:



How do we get to the songs so i can listen to them