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What Remains. (Comment Please)

Started by Kaijugod, Apr 14, 2017, 06:25 PM

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This is a one-shot I decided to do. Please note this has no connection to my current story. But will serve as a prequel to a future story.

To my dearest.

When I took the Archimedean Oath, I dedicated myself to memories.

Our history, our knowledge.

It is the brink between Man and Beast.

Remembering our past is our way of protecting our future.

As the sickness spreads destroying our once great empire, I gaze upon our children so young and curious. They will be alone in this world once we depart to Luna. They will forget yet still remember us. It will be a long and harsh journey for them without us to protect and care for them. But I'm sure they'll adapt and thrive. We taught them so much and our old treasures will help them as well.

Well my love it is time to go. I only hope that you are still alive to read this message. The shuttles are starting to depart to our cities in the heavens. Who knows maybe one day we can return to our children.

But for now we leave them here. I'm sure they'll inherit the Earth.

Farewell my love.

Last known message of Archimedean Cassandra.

cairn destop

You do provide answers to some of the biggest questions: what happened to the humans and where did they go.  I'm thinking this too short even as a prologue.  It gives no hint regarding the story.  Suggest expanding it when you do that story to flesh out the focus of the story.
Once again my avatar is working.  Does Snoopy happydance. 

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