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The Extra Quarter

Started by Aleema, Jul 15, 2014, 02:23 PM

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This is another game that gives me heavy nostalgia, so I loved replaying it (well, the trial version, anyway). But one thing stood out to me very distinctly! I noticed that you supply the player with 2 quarters instead of 1.

I get it. It's annoying to lose an item required for progression and you don't know about it until much further down the line, but ... isn't that sort of warped humor the crux of the game? :P

Meh, it was probably a good idea to include the extra money in the long run, so I guess I'm just jealous of other folks who won't truly understand the weight of the fortune teller predicting you'll want that quarter back.

Or am I remembering it wrong, and there is still only 1 quarter, or the 2 quarters were only for the trial version?  -_-


The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. release always starts with two quarters. The EA release has one.

The Labyrinth of Time comes from a time where it was "acceptable" to have unrecoverable dead-ends. Whether is was really acceptable...


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