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Potential ITE: Tabletop System

Started by steelthewarrior, Jul 10, 2014, 02:14 PM

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So...  I've recently found myself falling back in love with the world/atmosphere of the Inherit the Earth universe, and since I've finalized my "Are You A Changeling?", MLP:TOON, Inspireland and Sonic: Freedom Fighters tabletop RPG systems (copyrights and such pending, otherwise I'd offer links) I have recently come to the inspiration of building a system for friends to be able to enjoy inventing and roleplaying out their characters in a tabletop RPG-type way (similar to Dungeons and Dragons, and other dice-chucking games, for those whom are unfamiliar)

The system is going to be rather simple, seeing as it'll mostly be an adventure game (without magic, from what I remember of the game), so it'll be a simple stat'n'skill type game, where gear won't have too much of an impact on gameplay, especially seeing as the world takes place in a rather pre-medieval-type time period.

I'm posting this here, because in my deep respect of both the universe, and the company whom has created it, I would like to ask for their blessing, and maybe, if possible, a little bit of collaboration/working-together-ness in fleshing out world details, to make sure that it stays as completely cannon as possible, etc.

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Inspiration?

Heck, with the right communication, I could get an early Alpha being playtested at IndyFurCon (the end of the month!), which surely would be a boon towards spreading the word of both the old game, and the new Kickstarter!


If you creating a fan, non-profit game that fits in the general scope of the "Fan Art Policy" (http://www.wyrmkeep.com/notices/fanartpolicy.php) then you effectively have my blessing!

If you are interested in this RPG becoming something more, then we can start a conversation. I right now might not be an optimal time because of the Kickstarter campaign consuming all my time, but we can see.

Please email me at techsupport@wyrmkeep.com.

BTW, IndyFurCon will start after the Kickstarter ends on Aug 19. I guess post-Kickstarter funding though other channels (e.g., PayPal) might still benefit.