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Does someone still have the Spacerevision Soundtrack for ITE?

Started by Tobibrocki, Aug 02, 2009, 10:13 AM

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it´s really quiet here uhm, does somone still have the Spacerevision Soundtrack made by some fans? The links for both .rar or .zip files are down, so I dunno where to get them. And they were awesome! Does someone still have them on his/her Harddrive? Could you give it to me if that would be possible?

If so, please write to: Tobibrocki@web.de

Thank you!


Dear Tobi,

I am the musician of the SpaceTimSix Revision of the Inherit The Earth Soundtrack. I have since reuploaded the file with some updates and have restored the link in the original post.
Many thanks for your interest.

Warm Regards,
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I believe that there are quite a lot of people looking for this too, just that they didn't know where to get it. In fact I am very glad that they have all this up and going. And this would ensure their existence and the files would not go into extinction. These things are one of those that we hardly face in this modern era. Every file seems to have infinite copy of it. But seems like this is limited.