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ITE Fan song

Started by RennardFuchs, Jan 25, 2013, 12:59 AM

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Hey there, I know this is my first post, but I needed to do this one time.
I've done a tribute song for ITE.
I know that game from my childhood (played it in german then), and is still my favourite adventure game.
I hope you like it,
If there are any problems let me know :)

cairn destop

Just got to listen.  I thought the use of the drumsticks as a tempo something I hadn't heard in other songs.  I liked it.  Most of the vocal portion came through clearly.  I found the dreamy ladies dancing very tasteful.  The fox may not have been dressed, but it comes across as G-rated.  Would love to have seen any additional drawings inspired by your reading.
Once again my avatar is working.  Does Snoopy happydance. 

"The only definitions of the word 'fair' is in reference to the weather and a carnival, any other meaning is strictly a product of your imagination."


Thank you very much :)
Well, this picture always reminded me of Inherit the Earth.
It's nice that you liked it and I appreciate your kind words :D