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Odd Bug..

Started by Darvon, Nov 15, 2006, 11:30 AM

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This bug took place while I was attempting to save my friends from their jail cell at the dog's castle. It was nothing serious but was very strange and unusual.. (Windows CD Version)

It happened while I was running around lost in the maze and eventually had ended up in the jail cell room to be greeted by my friends.. However at that time I never had the key to unlock the door.. So before I left, I thought I might try to open the door just for the heck of it, and then something out of the blue happened that made no sense what-so-ever.. I suddenly saw a small orange object floating across the back wall of the cell.. It looked like a butterfly just wandering its way towards the right side of the screen until it suddenly grew into none other than a normal sized Rif who was like stuck on the wall in a crawling positon.. This struck me as rather confusing and I almost took it to be some sort of hint or clue to getting my friends out of the cell. However when I happened to use look on the crawling Rif, Rif just responding by saying "Nothing special about it.." That just made me want to laugh..

"True talent develops from those who have the courage to stand up against all odds, even when knowing full well that they might have a very limited chance of succeeding." -Darvon


Oops... I missed this message. Please forgive the late reply.

Yes, that is a weird bug. No testing was ever done for that sequence of events, so its not surprising that weird things can happen. Another user reported a similar bug.

Amaroq Wolf

Hehehe, I got that bug too. Linux version. I found it exciting and amusing.