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Rif the Fox Fursuit

Started by WyrmMaster, Oct 31, 2006, 02:28 PM

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A fan of Inherit the Earth submitted this picture for me to post. For technical reasons he was unable to post it here himself.

Here is the email that came with the pic:

Ok guys here is a real treat for you..
sorry its a bit dark but this was done in a hurry for Halloween. [Note from Joe: I adjusted the contrast in Photoshop.]

here is a first costume of rif.. even the clothing is almost down to what it was in the game but made it more rich looking like in the Renaissance era.

i find it looks better this way..
i will post more pictures when the Halloween party's start.. alot around here got a real kick out of this one..

it is ultra realistic and the mouth actually moves when i talk as well. :)

The email only gives the fan's name as Rif Fox. ^_^


ok well instead of putting a picture in here that i cant do.. due to my home secutity settings.. i did however get my sister to post a detailed picture on a devart site.

so here it is.  -_-


leave any comments about it if you want.. im still tweaking the costume now that i have more time.



Wow.. Now thats what I call absolute talent... The costume looks soo life like you could have easily fooled me with that face hehe..

"True talent develops from those who have the courage to stand up against all odds, even when knowing full well that they might have a very limited chance of succeeding." -Darvon


well if they ever do get a sequel on the way or need help in promoting the older games at conventions. something like this will surely draw a crowd..

actually when this was out on halloween it almost caused a traffic accadent while walking to the other building for a party.
so some thought it was real.. heh.. :wacko:  i was amazed not alot took pictures of it.. they were just stareing at me strangely like i was from another planet or something. guess this must have been too real for them.
might be good in a movie too.. it has alot of possabilities.

Amaroq Wolf

Wow, that's an impressive fursuit. One of the more realistic ones I've seen.

Marcus Wulf

WOW! ^_^ I was once going to do a Fox McCloud fursuit, but im lousy at stuff like that.
But, man! Thats so REAL looking! I'm suprised they didn't call the police and put you in a cage! Fantastic work, Rif.
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