Mole's Quest: How to Play
Background You are Monty the Mole, a peaceful creature returning to his subterranean home when suddenly everything began shaking. It appears that Noh-Kair Megacorp has decided to start mining uraninite in your neighborhood, which they will use to distill uranium 235 for their nuclear power plants. The problem is that they've destroyed your home in the process, so you'll need to find a new place to live. Your belongings have been scattered throughout the mines, and you're going to have to recover them before the miners destroy them as well.

Of course, you'll have to avoid the vicious miners if you want to escape unharmed, but something even stranger has happened in your neighborhood. Somehow, the radioactive uranium 235 has begun to mutate the other subterranean dwellers. You'll have to prepare to encounter a host of wild and dangerous creatures, including re-animated dino-skeletons, mutant moles, giant rats, living rock monsters, glow worms, and more. You'll have to find your way through the maze of tunnels and elevator shafts that will lead you to safety, but avoid the radioactive walls as well or you'll be in for quite a shock. Deactivate the miners' radiation shields when necessary, and skillfully navigate their teleportation systems to find the exit. It's up to you to find a new home before it's too late.

Objective Your goal is to pass each level by saving one of your belongings. To do this you must jump across the screen, pick up your belonging, and return to the side you came from. You must do this without jumping into any enemies or walls, and you must jump only when the next platform is level with your own, or you will fall to your doom.
Controlling Monty the Mole The following descriptions are based on the default setup.
Jump leftPush the Left arrow key.
Jump rightPush the Right arrow key.
Jump upPush the Up arrow key.
Jump downPush the Down arrow key.
Exit game to menuPush the Escape key.
Note: you can only jump up or down through transparent platforms - most of the time you will only be jumping left and right.
Configuring the Controls If you select the Configure Controls choice from the Options menu, you can change the keys that correspond to the commands for controlling Monty the mole. The default command set is the one listed above.
Walls Walls are covered with uranium 235 residue, so you'll have to avoid touching these obstacles if you want to survive.
Radiation Shields You will often find your belongings trapped behind one or more of these shields, which the paranoid miners have planted all over the place to protect them from the effects of the radiation. If you're lucky you might find a crystal that has the right resonance frequency to deactivate the shield, so look for them on one of the platforms.
Time Limit Since moles are not immune to the effects of radiation, you must limit your exposure time. Therefore, if you don't save your belongings within 5 minutes, you will not survive long enough to escape.
Teleporters The miners use these for quick transportation, but you can use them to get around otherwise impossible obstacles. Teleporters always appear in pairs, and you can transport between them just by hopping on the right platform.
Password For each of the 50 levels you pass, you'll be given a password that will allow you to continue the game from your last level. Just be sure to write down the password whenever you finish a level, and then enter it the next time you play the game.
Other Settings From the Options Menu you can turn on and off the music or sound effects, plus you can enable "double size display" mode where the game is played in a larger window (for those with high-resolution screens).
Strategy & Helpful Hints
  1. Try to avoid getting too close to the top or bottom of the screen, since Monty will fall if he reaches the top or bottom, and you'll have to restart the level.
  2. Plan your strategy carefully by deciding how to pass each level before you start jumping - timing is everything.
  3. When you want to teleport, do it as soon as possible, since getting on a teleporter platform just before it reaches the top or bottom of the screen will leave you little time to get off when you reach your destination.
  4. Sometimes you may have to wait for just the right alignment of platforms before you begin. Patience is important.
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