Flak Attack: How to Play
Background When your country's armed forces began research to construct an army of robotic soldiers, you figured it would make your life as a Marine much easier. Having a unit of robotic soldiers to command would be wonderful. Robots always obey orders; they don't require food, shelter, or sleep; and they're not afraid of anything - even death.

But when rumors surfaced of a computer virus infection throughout the top secret research labs, you realized this could be more than you bargained for. Some of the experimental robotic soldiers simply couldn't function any more, others detected the virus and sent themselves into a continuous diagnostic cycle, but still others activated their combat subroutines and declared war on the enemy - human beings!

Eventually the research lab couldn't contain the problem any longer - the virus infected their entire computer system, and hostile robots began to escape the complex. The clever robots stole helicopters and planes to facilitate their departure, and some even commandeered ground-based satellite remote control equipment.

Your military outpost is the only structure between the research labs and populated civilian areas, and it is equipped with just a single flak cannon.

Most of your unit has fled the scene, so it's up to you to stop the evil robots from reaching the city. Through the window of your station, it looks like any other quiet night, but check your radar screen again - dozens, perhaps hundreds, of planes, helicopters, even satellites are heading in your direction! They're coming in fast, so you tighten your grip on the cannon controls.

Objective Your mission is to defend your base from the evil robot invaders. You cannot afford to allow them to infiltrate your station, or they will destroy it -- with you inside. Use your rotating cannon to blast their helicopters, planes, and satellites out of the sky, and prevent the parachuting robots from reaching your base at all costs.
Controlling the Cannon The following descriptions are based on the default setup.
Rotate cannon leftPush the Left arrow key.
Rotate cannon rightPush the Right arrow key.
Fire cannonPush the Spacebar.
Exit game to menuPush the Escape key.
Customizing the Game You can personalize Flak Attack to your preferred style of playing by selecting the Customize Game choice from the Options menu. A dialog box will pop up, which will allow you to specify single shot or automatic firing mode, enable or disable the radar screen, specify how much ammunition you start with (including unlimited), and specify how much ammunition each ammo box will supply you with.
Energy Targets
Enemy Helicopter  +500 points
Enemy Jet  +1000 points
Enemy Satellite  +2000 points
Friendly UN Helicopter  -1000 points
Robotic Soldier  +100 points
Ammo Box  +1000 points
Robotic Soldiers When enemy helicopters fly overhead, they will occasionally release parachuting robots, which will walk towards your base if you allow them to land. Since your comrades have barricaded the entrances to your station on the first and second floors, the robots can only enter it through the third floor balcony, and it will take 4 robots working together to accomplish this. Therefore, don't allow more than 4 robots to gather on either side of your base or they will surely destroy it.
Ammo Boxes Whenever a friendly UN Helicopter flies over your base, it will drop an ammo box that will parachute slowly to the ground. If you allow the box to land safely, you will gain extra rounds of ammunition. However, if you fire upon it, the box will explode immediately, destroying everything in the sky, all robots walking towards your base, and one stationary robot from each side of your base (if any).
High Scores If your score is among the top ten, you'll be asked to enter your name in the Flak Attack Hall of Fame. If you wish to view the current top ten, select the High Scores option from the Game menu.
Other Settings From the Options Menu you can turn on and off the music or sound effects, plus you can enable "double size display" mode where the game is played in a larger window (for those with high-resolution screens).
Strategy & Helpful Hints
  1. To maximize your score, it is important to take advantage of bonus points awarded for chain reaction explosions. Look carefully at your radar screen to see when you can take out several targets at once, and you'll be sure to reach the top ten. But be careful - if you destroy the UN helicopter in the flak explosions, you'll lose 1 000 points multiplied by the bonus amount.
  2. Also, don't give up when you see several robots walking towards your base. If you shoot a helicopter directly above them, the flak could fall on them and destroy them. You may even want to sacrifice a UN Helicopter to do this.
  3. If you become especially good at the game, try starting from a higher level than usual, or try playing with the radar turned off - you'll find that it's an even more challenging experience.
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