BOT: How to Play
Background In the year 2031, the BOT manufacturing company decided to become fully automated. It produced robots for military and domestic use, such as BOT soldiers, BOT housekeepers, BOT cooks, and even BOT baby-sitters. When you, the CEO of BOT, Inc., decided to replace all human workers at your plant with BOT robotic employees, you thought it would dramatically increase your company profits. The BOT workers were faster, more accurate, and they worked 24 hours a day without requiring a salary. The world's fastest super computer, the Mother CPU, controlled the entire assembly line and directed the BOT workers to produce new BOTs for sale to consumers and the military. Researchers were constantly trying to improve the performance of the Mother CPU, by revising its heuristic algorithms and refining its ability to anticipate the market demand for new varieties of BOTs.

One day, the Mother CPU was programmed to manufacture new advanced military robots and to test their effectiveness in a simulation. The goal was to create a new line of military BOTs to replace the older model BOT 4. Within a few hours, an entire line of modern BOT 5 soldiers had been constructed, and later that day they were tested in a combat simulation against the older military BOT 4 models. The new BOT 5 soldiers were completely victorious, but the Mother CPU's new heuristics compelled it to continue the research by further testing the BOT 5, so it programmed them to attack a nearby military base. The BOT 5 soldiers succeeded in gaining control over an Air Force hangar, but this only made the Mother CPU even more curious. Convinced that it was conducting market research, the Mother CPU ordered the new BOTs to attempt a military conquest of the entire planet. This would provide the Mother CPU with invaluable data that could be used to further enhance the next generation of BOT 6 soldiers.

Realizing that something had gone seriously wrong, you attempted to pull the plug on the Mother CPU until you could fix the bug. However, BOT 5 soldiers guarded the entire assembly plant, claiming they had secured it and threatening to terminate you if you tried to gain entry. Meanwhile, other BOT 5 soldiers moved in and out of the plant, bringing raw materials to the Mother CPU for the construction of more BOTs necessary to complete the simulation.

While the BOT 5 soldiers attempt to take over the planet, the military forces of countries around the world are called to action. Unfortunately, the world's armed forces have all been mechanized with thousands of older BOT 3 and BOT 4 soldiers. The new BOT 5 is faster, stronger, and more intelligent that the older BOT 4. In fact, the BOT 5 is programmed to take advantage of all the defects and weaknesses discovered in the older models. It appears the world may soon be completely controlled by the Mother CPU.

Your task is clear. You're the one responsible for this fatal error, and it's up to you to correct the mistake. Somehow, you must infiltrate the BOT manufacturing plant and stop the Mother CPU. The mission will be extremely hazardous, and you know enough about the Mother CPU's programming to realize that it will do everything in its power to stop you from tainting the results of the "simulation." But you must act now - you cannot allow the Mother CPU to succeed, since the next generation of BOT 6 robots will be even more deadly.

Objective Your mission is to infiltrate the BOT base and destroy the Mother CPU. Collect power-ups and grenades along the way, and stop this menacing attack on humanity. The whole planet is counting on you.
Controlling the Character The following descriptions are based on the default setup.
Move leftPush the Left arrow key.
Move rightPush the Right arrow key.
Move upPush the Up arrow key.
Move downPush the Down arrow key.
Fire gunPush the Spacebar.
Throw a grenadePush either Shift key.
Exit game to menuPush the Escape key.
To move diagonally, push and hold two directional keys together. For example, to move diagonally up and to the left push the up and left arrow keys simultaneously. You can also configure the controls to allow diagonal movement with one key press (see below).
Configuring the Controls If you select the Configure Controls choice from the Options menu, you can change the keys that correspond to the commands for controlling the character. The default command set is the one listed above. You can also enable diagonal movement with one key press, in which case there will be additional keys you can configure.
Enemy BOTs [Megabot]      Megabots     50 points

These menacing foes are built from scrapped military vehicles, but you should expect a challenge if you intend to return them to the junkyard. Megabots are large and slow, however, so use your speed to avoid them whenever possible. They carry serious weaponry, so stay out of their line of fire, or you may find that they'll provide you with some extra ventilation.

  [Walkerbot]      Walkerbots     100 points

These BOTs are little more than guns with legs, but don't underestimate the force of their dual cannons. Slightly faster than Megabots, Walkerbots are more difficult to avoid, but running is always an option when they're around.

  [Hoverbot]      Hoverbots     200 points

These BOTs use large fans to float above the ground and they carry a single gun that shoots very rapidly. They're very fast, so you may have trouble if you try to outrun them.

  [Seekerbot]      Seekerbots     500 points

These are the fastest of all the BOTS and the most difficult to shoot. They may sometimes dodge your bullets, and they're nearly impossible to outrun, so try to eliminate them as soon as you see them.

  [Cybot]      Cybots     300 points

These one-eyed bipedal androids are the most technologically advanced and most intelligent of all the BOTS. You'll have to use all of your cunning and skill to pass through the thick fortification of Cybots that guard the Mother CPU. In fact, Cybots offer such formidable protection that no human has ever laid eyes on the Mother CPU. To even attempt such a mission would be completely insane, but that is what you must do.

Turrets Indestructible

Watch out for these stationary cannons -- they will track the movement of biological organisms and fire upon them. Avoid these at all cost.

Enemy Manufacturing Units Indestructible

These are automated factories that construct new BOTs almost as quickly as you can destroy them.

Bosses A larger more menacing BOT Boss appears at the end of every level. In order to destroy them, you'll have to fire upon their vulnerable spot, but don't expect it to be easy.
Level 1 Boss A standard BOT 5 armored defense tank guards the entrance to the manufacturing plant. This one should be easy to dispose of, but watch out for the deadly turrets.
Level 2 Boss This is the first experimental BOT 6 prototype, a highly maneuverable saucer that has four cannons on its outer hull. You'll have to keep your distance if you want to avoid getting flattened.
Level 3 Boss The boss itself is nothing more than a simple power distribution junction which you must destroy in order to complete your mission. However, three SuperCybots equipped with jetpacks and special armor are on guard around the junction. You'll have to take them out first before you can destroy the junction.
Level 4 Boss This BOT 6 prototype was constructed from railroad surplus parts and is designed to guard the entrance to the Mother CPU's stronghold. It might seem easy enough to defeat at first, but watch out for its dual laser cannons, strong enough to cut through any armor you might be wearing.
Level 5 Boss This is the Mother CPU. Little is known about its defensive systems, since it has never been put to the test like this before. But you can assume that you'll be in for the toughest battle yet.
Power-Ups Some brave agents who lost their lives trying to infiltrate the BOT base have left behind some of their special weapons, which you may use to increase your chance of success. Look for the following power-ups:
Lightning Gun This is an experimental military weapon that causes a bolt of lightning to fly through the air. This weapon causes twice as much damage as your normal gun.
Extra Grenades Extra grenades will allow you to destroy a group of BOTs with a single explosion.
Body Armor This item allows you to survive one hit by a bullet without losing a life.
High Scores If your score is among the top ten, you'll be asked to enter your name in the BOT Hall of Fame. If you wish to view the current top ten, select the High Scores option from the Game menu.
Other Settings From the Options Menu you can turn on and off the music or sound effects, plus you can enable "double size display" mode where the game is played in a larger window (for those with high-resolution screens).
Strategy & Helpful Hints
  1. Use grenades sparingly - try to save them for the BOT Boss at the end of the level if you can.
  2. It is often dangerous to try to outrun fast enemies such as Hoverbots and Seekerbots -- you might run into a situation where you have to stop and fight, and the enemies behind you may catch up and overwhelm you. To avoid this problem, try to shoot the faster enemies while you can.
  3. Pass swiftly through areas populated by Enemy Manufacturing Units. If you allow too many new BOTs to be produced, escape may become impossible.
  4. In order to defeat the BOT Bosses, you must learn their attack patterns. Once you can predict their behavior, it is much easier to dispose of them.
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