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Terms of Use

Why does a web site need a "Terms of Use"? When people go into a store at a mall there isn't some long notice at the entrance giving the store's Terms of Use. There may be a short notice giving the hours of operation and stating that "Shoes and Shirt Required," but not much more.

The existence of Terms of Use pages must be related to the expectation by some that people don't know how to behave themselves on the web and/or have a serious lack of knowledge of copyright and other intellectual property laws.

Well, we here at The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. are going to assume you know that trying to damage or crack this web site indicates a major lack of self control and that using our copyrighted creations without our permission and outside of Fair Use is a serious no-no.

Limited permission to use our copyrighted creations is provided under our Fan Art Policy and other exceptions found in the appropriate places on this web site.

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