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Linux Support Page for Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb
Last Updated March 14, 2007

Workaround for Save Game Bug in April 2005 Release

It has come to our attention that there is a bug in the latest release of Inherit the Earth for Linux that can result in failure of creating the initial save game file. This prevents the program from saving a game successfully.

We have a workaround for the problem:

  1. Download this empty save game file: ITE.SAV
  2. Install (if you haven't done so) and run the game once until it exits with an error or you reach the interactive part of the game.
  3. Quit the game if it is still running.
  4. Copy the downloaded ITE.SAV file to proper location with this shell command: cp ITE.SAV $HOME/.itelinux
  5. You shound now be able to save games.

If you experience any problems with this workaround please contact us for more information. The January 2006 CD-ROM release fixes this bug.

Question: When I try to run the install, an error is reported and then a text-based (non-graphical) installation program starts? Is this OK?

Answer: What has probably happened is that the graphical installer cannot find one of two dynamic link libraries it requires (libglade and libxml to be exact). Most Linux distributions come with these libraries, but a customized Linux system may not. A text-based installer is supplied to cover this case. The game can be set-up using the text-based installer and still run correctly in X-Windows.

Question: Can I start the install by double-clicking directly on the file in the window displaying the CD-ROM contents?

Answer: Yes, as long as your window manager (such as Gnome or KDE) supports this feature.

Question: When I try to run the game in Full Screen mode, the display appears as a small rectangle in the middle of a black screen? How do I get the game to fill the screen?

Answer: Your Linux distribution's installer did not properly configure your X-Windows to allow for 640 by 480 pixel screens. Check you distribution's documentation on how to either change to a compatible display depth that supports 640 by 480 pixel screens or add a new allowed resolution to an existing display depth.

Alternately you can hand edit the X-Window configuration file XF86Config to add the required information for a 640 by 480 pixel screen. Editing this file is not for the novice. A HOWTO on configuring an X-Windows system can be found at the Linux Documentation Project.

Question: The audio in the game is choppy. What's wrong?

Answer: The game uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library to play audio. On most computers SDL will support multiple audio drivers, and the default driver for your computer may be having problems buffering the game's audio. You can tell SDL to use an alternate audio driver. Try running the game using one of the following command lines:
SDL_AUDIODRIVER="esd" itegame
SDL_AUDIODRIVER="alsa" itegame
SDL_AUDIODRIVER="artsc" itegame

Question: Can the game be run under FreeBSD or other Unix-like OS?

Answer: A customer has reported that the game can run under FreeBSD if the Linux compatibility layer is installed. This configuration has not been tested by Wyrmkeep Entertainment and is not supported.

Alternately, you may find that ScummVM can run on your platform, and Inherit the Earth can run in ScummVM.

Question: Can the game be run without X-Windows or on a PowerPC system?

Answer: Not currently. You may be able to get the game to run without X-Windows with a special build of libsdl, but we don't supply such a build.

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