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Imprisonment Bug

Started by Kay, Jun 29, 2004, 09:00 PM

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Today I reached the wolf clan's village on North Island. On my first visit, I entered the chief's house and was able to steal the trophy, but couldn't steal the hatchet on the grounds that the chief would notice. (He wouldn't notice the missing trophy?) On entering the rightmost hut, I saw a locked door, presumably a cell door.

This is the bug: When I next visited the village, after trading the trophy for a lamp and meeting the she-wolf ("Shiala?"), I entered the same hut and found myself suddenly inside the cell. I sure got captured quickly! Shiala arrived to unlock the door so the game could continue, but it looks like a scene of capture got deleted.


Thanks! We'll look into it.


Hey, I remember that bug - it was in both DOS versions (with/out speech).

Guess you guys did a 1:1 port for the core logic? ;)