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Good morning everyone!

Started by LT Fox Fire, Jul 06, 2005, 09:37 AM

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LT Fox Fire

I've been hearing about Inherit the earth for some time and last month I decided to take a gander and see what it was all about.  Now I'm a huge fan of these type of games, Torin's passage, The Dig, Full Throttle, and so on.  I was drawn to this game for two reasons, well three actually. One; I simply enjoy adventure stories with a furry twist.  For some reason having a fox or any animal as a main character interact with species that have such unique character attributes, can lead to unpredictable outcomes and challenges, and I'm thrilled about it. Two; the setting seems Medieval which means, swords and magic, yet I see a wonderful hint of Scifi, possibly the climax of the story which is a wonderful flow.  Third;  This may just be me, but I am not thrilled to see furry stories portray humanity as such a NIMH Nazi evil syndicate that only could have resulted in the orderly godlike utopia of animals taking over.  Inherit the Earth actually goes out of its way to paint humanity in a light few furry stories try to.  That is a very attractive quality and I'm thrilled to see what happens next.  

For what it's worth, I'm glad to have found this place and hope in some way shape or form I can lend a hand or a paw and not just be the audience.
"The greatest test of purity can only be tempered in fire."  Lieutenant Fox Fire of Vanguard Seven


Welcome aboard! We hope our plans for continuing the story of Inherit the Earth (in multiple media) will meet with your approval.