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Got a bug? Read here first!

Started by FallenWolf, Jun 03, 2004, 03:03 AM

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You got a bug like this:

The game crashes in particular scenes in the end of the game

Now, you will have to check your CD to see if you can fix this with an update. Look for the copyright notice, and the line directly below it. If it says "Printed in April 2003", then the bug can be fixed!

Simply download the patch HERE and follow the instructions.

Have fun with the one-and-only ITE! :)


Marcus Wulf

The game crashes on me when the first three pages of concept art show at the credits. I hope i havnt missed an important coda or something... Could you help me out here (Im using the DOS 3,1/2 Floppy and the CD-ROM version)
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