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What is/was ITE for you?

Started by FallenWolf, Jun 02, 2004, 04:01 PM

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well, my community had about 65 members in the end, and i was always the one who got his back kicked when anything was wrong.

But i dont want this to happen to ITE, too - so i will do everything i can to keep it alive! :)


Now that is a little surprise for me ;-)
I stummbled over this website while i was looking through the ScummVM Support Page. (There are some rumours, that they will also support the engine from ITE
in future releases)
My ITE or better "Erben der Erde" experiences are also part of my "beeing an Amigian" memories ;-) Erben der Erde was afair the first Adventure on the Amiga with full speech support. Not even that, the CD Version (with i still owe) run perfectly from a naked A500 (with A590 CD atached) over the CD32 to my heavy modified Amiga4000 with PPC Card. My respect to the makers of the Amiga Version. Well I am still an Amigian, I even "upgraded" to a clone modell, called "Pegasos" Unfortunatelly the only way to play ITE here is to emulate it, because there are no custom chips on this machine. But thats a totaly different story, back to ITE/Erben der Erde.
Well playing adventures like Monkey Island where fun those days, but no adventure had such a good story (and as i said none of them provided speech) or beautifull graphics (No other adventure supported the AGA Chipset which provided more colours than the old ecs set) Well I even remeber that i had troubles to get further in one point of the game, so i fired up my modem and logged into to support mailbox from New World Computing in Hamburg ;-) (my mother nearly killed my because of the high phone bills, Hamburg was about 700 km away from me ;-) ) But I was really dissapointed about the fact that there never was a sequel to ITE. Especially with that open end ;-)
So i did the same as Fallen Wolf, wrote my own end, where the orb of storms (Sturmkugel) got more and more malfunctioning, causing heavy wheatherdissasters. So Rif and his friends had to go on another quest, and during that quest they found out many things about other orbs, they even found a small village where some humans survived and where they got answers to so many questions they had.... Well unfortunatelly the story died with my old Amiga 2000, its 40 MB Harddrive broke down one day, and i had no backup :-( Anyway I always hoped there will be a sequel one day or even a fan project like the zak mc kraken effort or broken sword 2.5. But I guess that not that many people actually played ITE, which is a real shame, because it was imho one of the(if not the) best adventures of its days.
Well that where my ITE memories ;-) Sorry for the typos and the bad english ;-)


I just remembered fanfiction.net, and searched it -- not a single ItE story despite entries for games as strange as Dance Dance Revolution.

I'm working on a story related to that idea about the last human taking over a Morph tribe, but it's so changed that it's not really ItE anymore.


Was and is: My alltime favourite game; a story I sincerely love; a game I played more times than any other game.
Want to know why? This game gives me a great feeling of friendship, hope and peace. It's just cute and awesome. A game that always made me happy. That's what Inherit the Earth is for me. :)


Hehe yes Damion, i exactly know what you mean ;)

Well, ITE always was and is something very special, a game that is simply unique. The problem is that it is not "mainstream" enought. But there are Ways go make a sequel much more populated. How? Cons! Furry cons are the perfect place to present new stuff like games, comics, magazines or books - i already did that myself for several times now.

And well, it works! It is important to get the game into as much insider shops worldwirde as possible. E.g., there are two insider-furry-shops here in Germany i know (Onlineshops), and they would surely accept a game like this if you would just talk to them. http://www.blackpaw.de/ for an expample.

I played ITE again two days ago. Ok, i already know it by heart, but it was so much fun to play :)
Till now i only knew it in Germany, but the english voices are much better.

It simply has to go on, so, lets get to work! ^^

light wolf

My first contact with ITE was in 1994, when I discovered an article and some pictures about this game in a PC-magazine. But it was only five years ago I managed to get and play the game ; and it impressively moved me.

All the people who have taken part in the development of ITE can be proud of them. They have made a wonderful and peaceful story, enjoyable and accesible for everybody.

Thank you very much to them !!


Heh it was just recently that I came across this game on ScummVM. I know it was really old at the time, but seeing as I liked furries and anthros, not to mention foxes, I decided to give it a try and really enjoyed the story. The voice acting was perfect and got the job done well. I have never seen such a great cast of voices done so well for such an old game.. Incredible.. Would love to see some of these voices return in the sequel.. That would rock!

By the way, if anyone here is into Roleplaying as a furrie/anthro, there is currently or has been for many years now, an online RP called Furcadia in which you can check out at http://www.furcadia.com

I am sure anyone with a great imagination would have lots of fun with this online experience. Consider it something to hold you over until the ITE sequel eventually (hopefully) comes around. Just whatever you do don't get too caught up in it.. For certain people it can become really addictive..  ^_^

"True talent develops from those who have the courage to stand up against all odds, even when knowing full well that they might have a very limited chance of succeeding." -Darvon


Well, Furcadia got quite old fashioned anyway. It is online in this way for years and hasn't changed since then. Plus, it is a commercial system. Without spending money on it you will have never the "full gaming experience"... :)


True.. But hey look at it this way, if you're always very kind, friendly, and open to others, you never know when some special digo might popup on your character someday hehe.. But if you do have the money, It is still fun buying their items especially if it were for someone else as a gift. One of my friends was so nice to me that she got me a draggie for 1 year.. So sweet of her.. I told her she shouldn't but she still did heh.. Oh and look at this way, if you know how to dreamweave well, you could make your own dreams and have them setup in any fashion you so desire.

"True talent develops from those who have the courage to stand up against all odds, even when knowing full well that they might have a very limited chance of succeeding." -Darvon

Knux the Fox

ITE for me was an outlet of creativity.  It introduced a possible future world that many have not imagined, where humans settle their differences with themselves as well as nature, and depart from the world, leaving all their great gifts that they had with the other creatures.  ITE, in my opinion, is still one of the greatest furry games ever made.  It had adventure, puzzle-solving, great dialogue/voice-overs, and is still a great game to pick up and play.  Compared to ITE, most other adventure games are boring.  It was a revelation in what society can be and may become soon.

Marcus Wulf

This game is MY LIFE! I dunno how many times i've played my old Floppy Version. I HAVE to con my mum into buying me the Talkie for Christmas. I've been a Star Fox fan for a long time- so this game was right up my alley. ^_^  Being an Anthro/Furrie fan, my friends irratate and beat me up for it! Annoying Morph-Haters!  :angry: Hmmm... Well, this game changed the way I thought about animals- could this be a possible future? Hmmmmm.... :rolleyes: I wonder... Well, see you! ^_^
Why are batteries never included?
Why do they charge GST all the damn time?
Why do they always use chicken salt and forget the gravy?
Why don't I ever stop complaining? Why? Because I'm a demented anthromorphic fuzzy freak. 0_o

Marcus Wulf

-sigh- Oh, I guess I can tell you the truth.... Ya see, Im a REAL softie when in comes to anthro stuff. I just thought ITE was so, so, well, peaceful. You know, not a care-in-the-world type thing. I just play it every five minutes and sigh... If you really wanna know if it changed me, then, yes...
It's just so innocent, I've turned into a, er, emotional person (thats saying alot).
I dont care about what everyone else in the world thinks- I AM A SOFTIE FOR ANTHROS/FURRIES. Gahhh! I've told TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Im gonning to go and swoon over ITE charactors! -sigh-
Why are batteries never included?
Why do they charge GST all the damn time?
Why do they always use chicken salt and forget the gravy?
Why don't I ever stop complaining? Why? Because I'm a demented anthromorphic fuzzy freak. 0_o


don't worry, you didn't tell too much :)
I know how much ITE - or "Erben der Erde", as it is called here in Germany - impressed me.
Well ok, quite some time has passed since then, but i now bought the XP-Version of the game. (Yes, i do still own the original game with the original box :P)

I am still looking forward to a sequel, and i really hope, that it will be released sometime and it also won't be too much different to the first part.


ItE really is a cool game. My favourite one yet! (Right up there with Freelancer and Star Wars Battlegrounds II). How its changed me? Well, I bet before the time I wouldn't be writing all sorts of fanfiction, meddling with screenshots from the game, carrying the comic book around everywhere I think I'm going to be bored... and, of course, pestering Joe Pearce with emails.

Hey, FallenWolf, cool! I didn't know there was a German edition. I speak a little German (though I keep getting mixed up with the different words for 'the' -_-)

I know I'm a bit late to talk about your storybook, there have been so many posts inbetween... I think it would be cool to see someone else's ideas, as I've written a page about what I think happened to Sandy from the webcomic beforehand. Oh, how I want to strangle that self-obsessed little wolf-cub! But I wont go into that or I'll be sitting here for another hour or two  ^_^
Yup, I agree with you about the sequel.


Hello my dear sister. :)

"Right up there with Freelancer ..." - which you never play anymore. Why, WHY?

"...and Star Wars Battlegrounds II" - That's BattleFRONT II. But ja.
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