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Labyrinth 2

Started by woxel1, Apr 15, 2005, 08:37 PM

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I just beat The Labyrinth of Time scant seconds ago, and it reminded me that a great game will stand the test of time (ha ha, time).


But it pains me to see that LOT's ending screen advertises a nonexistent sequel (though to be truthful, I find that any sequel advertised in a game will never see the light of day). But will we ever see the next chapter of Labyrinth? PLEEEEEEEEASE? ;)  


We are exploring the possibility. But please don't hold your breath  ;)  


QuoteWe are exploring the possibility. But please don't hold your breath  ;)
*...holds breath!* o_o

(I've been thinking of going as far as bugging Bradley about it, actually, but somehow I think it would only strengthen the resolve not to ;) )


I actually asked EA about this as far back at 1997. It was cancelled because of lack of interest.
I'm currently working on a fan sequel to Labyrinth of Time. I'm already working on rendering the scenes.


@ShadowMan: About EA, we know. http://www.wyrmkeep.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59

Fan sequel? Well, good luck sticking to it, but with all due respect, I can't imagine it would live up to the distinctly, um, well... Bradley feel. :blink: But good luck.


One does wonder what it would take to produce an official sequel (in similar style, same artist, etc.).  Probably more money than the lot of us together have...  :(  


Sorry about the "reposting everything everyone already knew" stuff, I haven't really read the old posts.

As for the fan sequel, I've been trying my damndest to put my finger on what that Bradley style is. It's pretty close to Art Deco, so I've been trying to research that. I also think it has to do with how shiny everything is. I did a test render of the Heart of the Labyrinth (just to try and replicate the style), but it looks too Riven-y.


I know this is a REALLY late reply, but it would indeed be awesome if there was a sequel to TLOT.

Has anyone here thought of making an adventure game engine based on the game? (like in 4 images for one room, same movement, setup and the like etc)


We have been thinking about using Unity as a basis for an adventure game engine. That is based on the idea that a LOT sequel should be real-time 3D.


I am extremely late on the play, here, but I beg you to remember those of us with older and/or less-powerful machines in the event of a sequel. I would be saddened beyond belief if I couldn't play it.