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online/offline RPG game

Started by rif, Apr 15, 2005, 07:43 PM

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ok im new to the forums but been around a while. :D

in the past around 1996 or so i tried to go forward to the dreamers guild it was at the time with a sequel to ITE.
at that time talin was the only one there that can help me. and they were headed for bankrupsy at that time.  now i see its all coming back.

3 years later i was attemting to make an orignal furry game somewhat like ITE. but more freeform play like the ultima online style.

i wanted to keep the style like the kings quest style animated with backgrounds.
i seen others in the past like the realm and how they did backgrounds easly. all like cutout items trees etc. some scaled out to look far away etc.

if mine had some to help races would be chard with diffrent things to choose on the char races. like diffrent hair eyes etc. all layered on the char itself. this gives it a feel of freedom as well more choices the  more each char looks diffrent in the world.

as to a adventure game etc i thought freeform would be fun. like the ultima online game style. since i was not much of a fighter i found it fun training a crafter and then becoming really good at it selling my wares all over the land. however crafters are weak fighters and need friends or in this case hire henchmen to guard me in case nasty players or the odd monster attacks.  
so the fact is then you would have a fully working world. some harvasting wood,mineing,gardening/farming etc.

i reprogramed a UO server to even add a fake talking AI npc and they are set up even to send you on random quests. i use this server a a test base so if the game was ever made we have the idea there.

however this is just an idea that died out.
its to the point where i asked others for help for over 4 to 5 years now. and some said they would help and then i never seen them again.

next month im canceling the internet since there is no more support and no friends left to even carry this on.
the only thing i got done is a midi wavetable bank thats software driven.

just thought i put up a little something to see what happends.

thanks for reading.


Sorry to hear about your travails. It's very had to maintain a group of developers to work on a MMORPG on their own time. Even commercial developers have a hard time completing MMORPG's. Knowledgable people report that only 5% of all such games in development ever reach the market, much less than other kinds of games.


See Dragon Fantasy Mystic Shadow Dungeon (heck with it -- "etc."). Also the pinned Game Development threads; there are a couple of us also interested in some sort of game project. I would avoid the MMORPG route because of its heavy competition and high complexity, but there are other things we could do.