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Inherit the Earth Soundtrack

Started by Kaal-Jhyy, Apr 05, 2005, 08:56 AM

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Any news? Or am I blind and missed it again? I knew rats had questionable eye-sight but if I've missed another announcement.... :blink:  


The sountrack album is very close to being complete. It may go on sale later this week.

The album will include all the music from the game, plus a newly composed bonus track. The names of the tracks are given below.

1. Cave Paintings
2. Main Titles
3. Market Faire
4. Rhene's Theme
5. Elk Fanfare
6. Boar Threats
7. The Known Lands
8. Sanctuary of the Orb
9. Hall of the Forest King
10. In the Boar Castle
11. Audience with the Boar King
12. Tycho Northpaw
13. Stargazing
14. Prince's Brutal Minuet
15. The Wild Lands
16. Injured Kitten
17. Kylas Honeyfoot
18. Cat Festival
19. Rescue
20. The North Island
21. Shiala
22. Dark Claw Wolves
23. Sunspot Station
24. Human Ruins
25. Exploring the Dam
26. End Credits
27. Cool Pigs (bonus track)

And stop drooling over your computer :D



Music From Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb is a new audio CD for your listening pleasure that you can order right now!

You will find more information at the Soundtrack Album page.


For a fresh revision of higher quality audio, of the Inherit The Earth Soundtrack please visit this topic!

Feedback is more than welcome.
Cheers!  :lol:

Paul W.
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I've just received the soundtrack!
You've done a great job on that. Thanks a lot for have done it! :)