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Sound clips

Started by pinkgothic, Mar 15, 2005, 06:32 PM

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I just played the game (finally got in the mail! Thanks guys) from beginning to end in quick-clicking-through mode, and on several occasions thought the game had frozen up because the sound went dead at the end of sound clips.

I assume it's something that happened when you were "cleaning up" the sound? Some clips, paticularily SLIDDOOR (or whatever the sliding door sound file is, but I'm going to assume that's it), have a very long pause of silence after the actual sound.

It caused me some distress because I'm so used to the game freezing up on me from the DOS version and I was hoping so badly that this version would work flawlessly - it did, thankfully, but those make me break out cold sweat.

Not a bug as such, I s'ppose, but I felt I should mention it.

There was another sound, but I'm not sure which one it was, which has a sort of jitter to it, a break in the middle before it continues. Also a sound-effect; though I may be thinking of the silver key and the sound of the key coming out is just delayed unnaturally because of the pause after the COINSLOT (um... again, guessing - the sound that plays when you put a coin into, um, a slot :rolleyes: )...?

Anyway, there's quite a few sounds that are, for whatever reason, not at all giving the impression of being "cleaned up" :)

Also, question, was anything taken out of BACKGROU? I know I was playing through quickly and thus not paying much attention to the music, but I seem to have been missing a track... though, eh... I probably just didn't hear it. :unsure:  


The "clean-up" had to do with removing the hiss from the old 8-bit audio data. This hiss was masked by older audio cards that would clip high-frequency sounds, but modern cards let the hiss through. The 8-bit data was converted to 16-bit data and "cleaned" by a nifty program named WAVclean from Excla Sound Tools.

Anyway, thanks for the suggested fixes.


QuoteThe "clean-up" had to do with removing the hiss from the old 8-bit audio data.
I was aware of that, I was just nitpicking about it. I didn't mean to offend, though. Please accept my apologies if it came across as that.