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Strip Filler: Writer's Block

Started by JSM3050, Jun 08, 2019, 04:34 PM

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I would seriously be very interested in a statue/figure of the Writer's Block for my desk. As someone who writes and world-builds as a hobby (largely tabletop RPGs), I can fully understand what that's like.

A sticker, coffee mug, or other trinket would be nice as well since I imagine a "desk topper" would probably take too much time and money to develop and produce.

cairn destop

Just use a piece of marble.  You can get them at Home Depot or any building supply shop.  Ask for any scrape marble sills.  I had a small piece of marble for years but lost it during my last move.
Once again my avatar is working.  Does Snoopy happydance. 

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I still need a Rif figure to place on the "scrap" marble, though.


That would be an interesting knick-knack  ^_^


And likely expensive and time-consuming to produce. Which is why I said that the strip printed on a coffee mug would satisfy me.