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Humans Profile Updated. (Comment Please)

Started by Kaijugod, Mar 29, 2018, 06:59 PM

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The Humans were a once thriving civilization that mysteriously vanished in ancient times. Though this civilization has disappeared, many forgotten ruins and scattered artifacts are all that is left of them such as the Tower, Sky Corridor, and Cloud Viewing Fortress.

What is known about the Humans:

The Humans were far more advanced than any known civilizations today. Throughout the many lands are ruins which were left behind by the Humans, showing that, at their time, they were widespread across the lands of many regions and many parts of the world. One major question that some Morphs want answered is what happened to the Humans and what were they like.

Studies on the Humans today:

Though this civilization is gone, some Morphs like the Rats continue to research some of the ruins, documents, and other materials the Humans left behind. By looking at these ancient articles, Morphs are able to gather some more information about their ways. Though they are able to research some materials left behind, this is also very risky as there are many hazards within some of them, making them quite dangerous to venture into without some type of protection. If that wasn't enough, some traps have even been left behind by the Humans in order to prevent thieves and treasure hunters from stealing any of their work easily. Thus far, the Sky Corridor is the only known place with still active traps.

Known Ruins:

The Tower: The Tower is a massive metal structure that climbs beyond the clouds. It is believed that the tower was built using strange metals and other unknown materials. What purpose it serves I'd currently unknown.

Sky Corridor: While exploring the seas, many Morph sailors tell stories about seeing a massive building on an island. Some Morphs tried to explore the structure but haven't made to much progress. From what they found on the inside of the tower, it was discovered that the Sky Corridor was built by the Humans who also built the Tower. Unlike the tower, it has many halls and doors that lead to all sorts of places. Some even leading towards deadly traps set up by the Humans to protect some of their lost treasure and some of their lost artifacts. After this locations discovery, it has became some Morphs top priority to study and survey the Sky Corridor. There have been adventurers and curious Morphs inside the structure that investigate the inside of the area and try to see what secrets this ancient structure holds. There have been stories about a terrifying monster that roams the Sky Corridor preying on any intruders it comes across. Although this is likely false.

Cloud Viewing Fortress: This strange structure was made by the ancient Humans and is believed by some Morphs to have been used by to observe the clouds in the sky. Although this is probably not its true purpose.

Currently this all I could come up with.


cairn destop

So is this background for your fan fiction gleaned from the game or just a game summary?

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Quote from: cairn destop on Apr 21, 2018, 08:05 PM
So is this background for your fan fiction gleaned from the game or just a game summary?

Mostly just a game summary.