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Different types of Morphs.

Started by Kaijugod, Apr 07, 2018, 03:30 PM

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Just wondering. Are there other types of Morphs? I mean like bird morphs or reptile morphs? Or are there only mammal morphs?

cairn destop

Unless an aviary species was noted in the game, everything has been mammalian.  What has happened via the comic is the introduction of other species.  I understand the sheep were introduced in "Little Wolf Lost."  Not sure about the otters and bears if they appeared in the game.  Something to ask our host if they can answer such a question.
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At one time there was going to be a reptilian Morph that would appear as a guard in Prince's dungeon maze, but it was decided to change that to a Komodo Dragon like creature.

I've decided to let that imply there are only mammalian Morph, which make some sense.