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Those Who Came Before

Started by Kaijugod, Mar 20, 2017, 04:25 PM

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 I've decided to write a fanfic for this site. Now please note that this is my first attempt at fanfiction so please go easy on me and also note that I writing this on a tablet.

Chapter 1: The Vault

A ball rolled across the grass at high speeds only to slow to a stop before being kicked again by a small pink paw. The paw belonged to a young rat. This rat's name was Tim and from appearances he seemed to be no older than 10.

Tim was a young and curious Morph that loved to explore and learn new things. Currently he was out in a field near his home, his parents sometimes allowed him to explore outside as long as he didn't stray to far. Tim was currently bored and hoped that playing with a ball would at least sate his boredom but it seems to be failing spectacularly.

"Why can't something exciting happen?" Tim said to himself as he continued to wander through the field. Its been over a year since the incident with the Orb of Storms and nothing new or exciting has happened and Tim grew bored quickly.

When the Orb of Storms was stolen it caused a lot of panic. Tim remembered seeing a Fox, Elk and Boar walking into his home when this crisis was occuring. All 3 of those morphs questioned his father on information on who may have stolen the orb and even asked about the Rat Tribe's history and their knowledge on the ancient humans, they even manegd to trick his dad allowing the fox to slip past not once but twice. A few days later Tim heard that the orb was found only to be lost for good this time.

After that the Morphs went back to their everday lives and Tim grew bored again. His father doesn't spend as much time with him as he used to and mom isnt around anymore, she died from an illness when Tim was only a baby.

Tim always had a fascination with the humans and sometimes wondered what happened to them. There are a lot of different answers depending on which Morph you ask, some say that the humans all died out and went extinct, others would say that they ascended into the sky in their flying machines and some say that they just up and vanished. Tim didnt really know Who to believe he always thought the humans where still around just hiding.

He kicked his ball again only fo it to sail through the air and roll into a large hole in thd ground. "Great" he said. Tim walked to the edge of hole and peered down it. The inside of the hole was filled with black nothingness. As Tim got a little closer to the hole he tripped over a exposed tree root and fell in screaming as darkness consumed him.

Tim hit the ground with a thud as he felt a sharp pain in his left leg. It took him moment regain his senses. After he did he looked around and noticed he was in some underground cave, he looked up and noticed a hole in the ceiling of the cave where he fell in daylight could be seen. Tim got up and tried to call for help but no one answered. Deciding to try and and find his way out he started to walk deeper into the cave while trying not to put to much pressure on his leg. After walking for a few minutes Tim noticed a light up ahead. Thinking it was the way out he smiled and continue d forward only lose his smile after seeing what laid before him.

What laid before him was not the outside world but instead a massive white door made of metal illuminated by strange bright lights that definitely didn't look like torches. Tim had never seen such a sight before but if from the color of the door and the fact that it was made from an unknown metal he guessed that it was made by the humans. His dad told him a lot of stories about how when he was younger he would visit ancient human ruins. His dad said that many of the buildings built by the humans where white in color and where made from an unknown metal that seems to be able stand the tests of time and remain perfectly preserved as if they where just built. He also said that many of these ruins where filled strange lights and sounds.

Tim continued to stare at the massive white door, this being the first time he ever seen human architecture before. Out of curiosity he placed his hand on the door, it felt cold to the touch. Just then the ground shook and with a loud groan the door opened releasing a thick mist from its interior.  After the door fully opened and the cold mist vanished, Tim stared into the interior of the door and saw a long hallway coated in frost. With no other option on how to get out of this cave Tim decided to take his chances and procceded to limp down to frost covered metal hallway illuminated by eerie blue lights wondering what he has gotten himself into.


Chapter 2: The Spirits

After limping down the large frost covered hallway Tim came across yet another door although this one was much more morph-sized than the last door. However this door was much wider than any normal door he's seen. Like the last door this one was also white in color although the strangest thing about this door was that in the center of the door was a floating circle of bright red light. To be honest Tim had never seen a door like this before although this is the first time he's ever seen or even been inside human ruins. After spending a few minutes trying to find a handle or some other means to open the door with no success Tim decided to observe the door once more to try and find a way to open it. He then noticed on the wall near the door a strange device grafted onto the wall. As he approached the device it lit up revealing several strange symbols. Hesitantly Tim reached over to the device and pressed one of the symbols only to jerk his paw back when he heard a strange humming sound.

stepping away from the device Tim then noticed several strange transparent figures of light walking down the tunnel towards him. Frozen in fear Tim watched the figures get closer to him. As they approached he noticed that their faces where completely featureless and that they looked like no species of morph that he has seen before. He also noticed a couple of the figures where around his size and were holding the hands of one of taller figures. Still frozen in fear Tim watched as the group of figures stopped before him and the door. One of the taller figures walked towards the device in the wall and started to press several of the strange symbols on the device as Tim watched. After pressing the symbols the figure walked up to door before placing its hand on the red circle. After doing this the figure walked through the still closed door with the other figures of light following it leaving Tim alone once more.

After spending a few moments gathering himself Tim approached the device and mimicked what the figure of light did. After pressing the same symbols as the figure did Tim noticed the red light on the door changed from red to green, he then approached the door and placed his paw on the now green circle of light. This caused the door to slide open revealing a large brightly lit room with strange reflective flooring and pure white walls and ceilings. The room was filled with strange metal chairs and tables along with many long dead plants. Tim also noticed that there appeared to be a strange looking desk at the other end of the room along with another door. He also noticed that the entire room was very well preserved despite being ancient, in fact the room and everything in it looked like it was just recently built.

Deciding to rest before continuing on his journey Tim entered the room before the door behind him slammed shut. Approaching one of the chairs Tim noticed that the strange metal chairs had orange colored cushions on them. Deciding to make a makeshift bed Tim pulled a couple of the chair together before lying down on them. He noticed that despite being ancient the chairs were actually more comfortable than his own bed. Tim then closed his eyes and allowed himself to transported to the land of dreams.


Chapter 3: Keymind

After spending a few hours asleep on his makeshift bed, Tim woke up feeling refreshed. The first thing he noticed upon waking up was that the pain in his leg was not as bad as before. Upon standing and attempting to walk he still felt a little bit of pain but not enough to cause him to limp. Deciding to continue on his journey Tim walked towards the door at the other end of the room near the desk. Before reaching the door Tim decided to look at the desk. Upon his observation he noticed a strange device sitting on the desk. The device was rectangular in shape and was mostly made of a strange black glass. Curiously Tim picked up the device and flipped it over. He noticed the back of the device was silver and in the center was a pear with a bite taken out of it. Flipping the device back over Tim noticed a small square-shaped button on the bottom of the device.

Upon pressing the button the black glass lit up showing a picture of a field of flowers as well as many smaller boxes with little pictures in them. Awed by the device Tim decided to take it with him. With his new treasure in hand Tim ventured onwards through the door. Upon going through the door Tim entered another hallway but this one had multiple paths with each one leading to a different door. Tim however kept on walking straight with no desire of getting lost. After walking down the hallway for some time Tim came across yet another door. This one however looked much different from the other ones. The door looked similar to the one that he used to enter the ruins but it seemed to have what looks like large locks and bolts holding it closed.

Now even more curious about this strange door Tim walked up to it. Above the door were two words that Tim didn't understand. The words read "AI Core". Tim didnt know what either of those words meant. Tim then noticed a green light coming from the device in his hands and a green light coming from the door. Curious he held the device closer to the door and noticed words appearing on the device. The words read "Access Granted". Tim then heard a loud click followed by what sounded like hundreds of hears grinding as he watched the doors open revealing an absolutely massive room. Upon entering the room, Tim noticed the same white color scheme. However he also noticed that he was walking on what appeared to be a long metal bridge. He also noticed that covering the walls were countless large black wires and tubes. These wires and tubes were all connected to a massive cylindrical glass tank in the middle of the room.

Upon reaching the end of the bridge Tim came across a large circular platform in front the tank. Upon approaching the tank Tim noticed it was filled with a strange red liquid and something huge was floating the liquid. He also noticed another one of those devices similar to the one he used to open the second door. This device however was much bigger and glowed with many different symbols just like the last. Going across the screen of the device was the word "Reset". Wondering if this device would do anything like the last one Tim placed a paw on the device and watched as a bar went across the screen with the word "Rebooting" appearing underneath it.

After the bar was filled up it and the word vanished an the screen of the device. The tank of red liquid then glowed a bright red color before the object inside become more visible. The object in the tank started to glow with many red lines of lights crisscrossing across it's body. A bright red light glowed in the center of the object almost appearing like some sort of eye.

Tim could watch with a mixture of fear and awe as the object in the tank eventually became fully visible. Out of nowhere a voice spoke to Tim.

"Welcome Morph child."


I'm sorry if the dialogue seems odd. This is my first time writing an actual conversation.

Chapter 4: The Created

Tim could only stare in both awe and fear as the huge figure within the massive tank of liquid was revealed. From Tim's observation the figure within the tank could be described as a giant brain covered with metal plates with numerous wires, tubes and pipes imbedded in it. The giant 'brain simply floated within the tank of red liquid. Tim was confused he was sure no morph had ever seen something like this before. He honestly felt like running from this strange entity but something in him urged him to stay, to find out more about.

"H..hello." He said hesitantly.

"Greetings young Morph." A voice replied back to him.

Tim jumped in fright and quickly looked around for the source of the voice only to find himself to be the only person in the room.

Tim turned towards the tank again and eyed the entity within. "Wa..was that you?" He asked.

"Yes young Morph." The entity replied. "I am the only one else here besides you."

The voice sounded calm and completely devoid of any emotion.

"How? Wha...what are you?" Tim asked.

"I am Keymind 619 and I'm in charge of this cryogenics facility." The now named Keymind replied.

"Tim was even more confused 'cryogenics' what was that? He never heard of that word before.

"What is that?" Tim asked. He had to know more.

"As your kind are in a very primative stage of development I shall simplify the your answer." The Keymind replied.

"Cryogenics otherwise known as cryo sleep is a form of hibernation that allows a person to enter a state of suspended animation for a very long period of time." 619 answered.

"So it's like sleeping for a very long time?" Tim asked.

"Correct. I must say, you are very intelligent for a Morph of your age." The Keymind complimented.

Tim felt a feeling pride upon hearing that. But then realized something.

"What exactly is this place for?" He asked.

"This facility served as one of many locations designed to safeguard our creators from what they dubbed 'The Great Plague'. A worldwide catastrophe that resulted in the near extinction of the humans."

Tim was shocked 'Humans here?' He didn't know what this 'Great Plague' was but to know that there were living humans here.

"There are humans here, like actual living humans?" Tim asked hopefully. To actually meet a living human was one of Tim's greatest dreams. To actually meet the ones who gave the Morphs their gifts and made their way of life possible was to good to be true.

"Yes. There are approximately 724 humans in stasis within this facility."

Tim was speechless but thought of something, if he could find these humans and wake them he could finally have so many of his questions answered.

"Could it be possible to wake these humans?" Tim asked.

"Yes. However they have to be woken manually as I currently lack the authorization to do so myself. Lucky for you the cryogenic bays are not far from here if you return to the hallways outside this room I can guide to them."

Tim nodded and without hesitation left the room and returned to the halls he was in before entering the Keymind's chamber. Once he left the room the large doors shut themselves.

Upon reaching the halls a voice sounded from the tablet that Tim had collected earlier.

"Young Morph I have accessed your tablet in order to speak with you. With this I should be able to guide you through the steps needed to reach the cryogenics bay and wake the humans."

"Alright." Tim said. But then he thought of something.

"I was wondering if there was anything else I could call you?"

"One the humans who entered this facility many years ago once called me Wallace. You may call me that." The newly named Wallace replied.