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Different AU fanfic idea for Inherit the Earth.

Started by Kaijugod, Sep 08, 2016, 01:29 PM

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After looking at the first idea for an AU fanfic didn't work out. So we came up with a whole new idea.

The new plot revolves around a group of Morph that go on a journey to find one of the greatest creations of the humans that the Morphs call The Oracle.

For what the Oracle actually is its a sentient human AI called a Keymind. A Keymind is a type of powerful artificial intelligence designed for strategic warfare purposes. A number of Keyminds were built during the age of the humans, prior to Their disappearance. A network of hardened military installations and countless satellites allowed the Keyminds to monitor and coordinate defenses across the entire world.
Keyminds are so complex and intelligent that they have become sentient.

Now for how the Morphs are aware of the Keyminds existence is because of ancient human documents recovered from ruins of the humans.

Now please give your opinions and thoughts on this please.

cairn destop

The old hedgehog is a bit reluctant to speak.  Seems my last comments may have discouraged you from what may have been an interesting take on the morph world.  If you believe in your idea, pursue it.  Accept suggestions and comments, but have faith in what you do.  So with that said, let me offer my take of this latest suggestion.

When you consider an idea remember the big six - who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Keep asking these questions and you'll work out the details to your story.  The more you question the story, the easier it will be to construct it. 

The initial phase - discovery

WHO found these documents?
WHAT were they looking for?  Accident or intentional?
WHEN did they find these documents?
WHERE did they find them?
WHY were they looking in that location?
HOW do they know the importance of these items?

Based on the stories on this site and the game, the most likely are the rats.  That raises more questions.

WHO discovered the paper's importance?
WHAT was he looking for initially?
WHEN did he realize their importance?
WHERE does he go?  WHO does he confide in?
WHY does he think these papers important?
HOW does he decipher the documents?

The stories and game hint at a xenophobic culture.  Each species has some mistrust of the other, though all will reluctantly work together if all sides see something to gain.  So how will you, the writer, use that conflict to advance your story?

The middle phase --- the quest

WHO will go on the quest? One species or a mix?
WHAT obstacles will have to be overcome?  Think of this as a roadmap from A -- to -- B.
WHEN does the quest begin?  Seasons will affect them?
WHERE are they going?  Definite place or general area?
WHY the sudden rush?
HOW do those on the quest feel?  Forced, happy, determined, scared?

At some point, either during the quest or when they reach their destination, the Keyminds must become aware of these specific morphs.  I don't see this as a one-morph deal, but nothing said one-morph couldn't be a viable idea.

The confrontation with the Keyminds

WHO will the principle characters be for both sides?
WHAT does each side want?  Both sides must have something to gain or loose.
WHEN does the Keymind decide to act?
WHERE are the quest members when the Keymind first confirms its existence?
WHY has the Keymind been dormant for so long?  Planned or winging it?
HOW will the morphs interact with the Keymind?  Will there be a communication learning curve?

Once again my avatar is working.  Does Snoopy happydance. 

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