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AU Fanfiction idea for Inherit the Earth.

Started by Kaijugod, Sep 04, 2016, 02:43 PM

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Hello everybody. I'm a guy who has been watching this site for awhile now and finally decided to join. I'm a huge fan of the game and love to hear what other people think of it.

Anyway, me and a friend have recently been working on a AU fanfic version of Inherit the Earth and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this idea.

The plot for the story is simple to understand and we would like to hear your opinions on this.

The plot is basically about the Morph, Humans and a new fanmade group that I call the Created and who is the rightful heirs to Humanity.

Now I'll explain who the Created are. The Created are a group of sentient robotic drones that where created by humanity before they created the Morph.

Now for what their goal is, The Created basically assume that they are the true Inheriters of mankind, that it's their destiny to inherit the earth.

Now for how the Created came to be. Shortly after most of humanity disappeared a few surviving humans decided to place themselves into suspended animation or stasis in hopes that one day that they could be revived and rebuild their former power. While in stasis they assigned a drone that they named Azel to watch over them and revive them when the time was right. Hundreds of years past and the world changed, Morphs found their own civilization however the drone Azel continued to watch over his slumbering masters.

When the day came to revive his masters, Azel attempted many times to revive the humans but was unable to due to systems failing resulting the last of his masters demise. Without leadership and having failed his mission Azel attempted to find a solution to the problem but was unable to so he decided to to fulfill his ancient masters wishes his own way. It was decided that the drones shall inherit the earth and restore their ancient masters former power through any means necessary.

For the Created opinions of the Morph, the Created see the Morphs as inferior beings. The Created see themselves as the true I nheriters to mankind as they see themselves closet to their masters since they have a better understanding of their masters ways and technology. The don't see the Morphs as fellow Created as the drones say that humanity only uplifted their kind and didn't create them and teach them everything.

Now as how far plot details go we still are trying to work it out and what I currently shared with you is how much we have done. Now If you have any ideas, suggestions, tips or thoughts or opinions on this then please let me know.

cairn destop

Sounded a bit of Terminator meets furballs.  No, that's an oversimplified reply and might sound flippant, but lets explore what you propose and go from there.

First off, you first mentioned three groups:
Humans --- which you later eliminated.  So question is, did any survive / return?  If yes, how?
Morphs --- I'll go with their creation and sentient the same as here
Created --- A machine race that has modified its programming

If your intent is a conflict between the morphs and the created, understand that the morphs are feudal in technology while the created would be super advanced.  History has shown that such conflicts always end in the subjugation of the inferior.  So the question becomes how fast do you intend advancing the morphs and the consequences of such advancements?

Way I'm seeing this, either there is a genocidal war using weapons or a battle of logic.  Warfare would be akin to my first impression, Terminator meets Watership Downs.  If you're going to use a logic war, you'll need a quest for the morphs to reach a citadel where a battle of wits will determine which race will survive.
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