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Hi! I'm wondering about something...

Started by Sonlirain, Feb 16, 2015, 07:22 PM

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First of all hello to anyone who might notice (and the admin who was suprisingly fast in letting me finalize registering (Unless he's a bot no hello to bots since they don't care)).

Now about the thing i was curious about.
Does anyone knows what exacly (if not take a lucky guess. This forum could use some theorycrafting) was planned in the original project for ITE that had to be later cut scrapped and sterilized on its way to release?

I assume the game originally was planned to have the main character dying if you do something wrong (or too late). Similar to the kings quest series but that in itself is not really something you'd remove because of "kids" unless you consider kings quest a more "mature" game than ITE.
And that's just not making a lot of sense considering Kings Quest is almost literally a pile of fairy tales barely more adult and mature than Mickey Mouse animations on disney kids.

Now this left me wondering? What got cut out and/or downsized to make the game kid friendly?
Interviews suggest the original concept was horribly buthered because Animals = Kids and Kids =/= game with mature undertones.
Was the game supposed to be mature because of (possibly rampant) death, gore or nudity/sex? (interestingly there are pixelated wolf boobs for a split second in the final published kid freindly product)

Maybe both?

Maybe Rhene was originally not supposed to survive the boar castle and become a doormat by the time Rif returns (it's actually quite horrible to mention something like that alone but actually going with it is nazi death camp levels of fucked up) or...
survive but not without some serious abuse and permanent mental scarring?

Would Rif and his happy band of guardians have to outright kill someone? (Interestingly with magic nonexistant they make for a semi decent D&D group of Ranger Warrior and Rogue/Thief)
Would the game have RPG elements and combat? (think Quest for Glory)
And most interestingly... would Rif be a kleptomaniac in canon?

Or maybe the mature elements were not supposed to be overbearing and the game would retain the light and happy mood we know most of the time but with something really shocking happening once of twice (Otter vilage burned to the ground, dogs wounding Okk "for amusement" some morph in the torture room being skinned alive etc.) instead of mature/adult stuff happening ALL THE TIME.