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Chota's Demise Discussion

Started by Sergal, Aug 30, 2014, 08:13 PM

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Hello, Wyrmkeep forums!

I'm not sure if my post is in the correct part of the forum, or if I need to move this to the Fan-Art-and-Fiction forums, but I feel this would be the better of the two places to get a generalized discussion going on Chota's demise. If this isn't the correct place, I would appreciate a forum admin or moderator moving it to it's correct place. Thank you!

Now, with the ideal; We all know Chota was canonically planning something sinister with the Orb, especially given the Orb's mysterious request for the date of the ending dry season....
...But, what if...
He wasn't? What if the orb just mistook his scream, or any of the morphs' words, as a request to begin the dry period? What if, before he was captured, Chota was trying to study the orb, make a similar one that might grant contact with the humans in some way? Or what if he was already in contact with the humans on the moon, while they guided him through the orb's (possible) anti-poison functions, thus removing the deadly airborne human virus and allowing them to return to their land once-more, and teach the morphs the dangers of fighting? And it was all washed away from Rif's interference for such a selfish reason as saving his beloved from an awful, boar-related death?*

Please, give this thread any and all of your alternate-ending ideals! Maybe Chota was a bad guy after all, but in a different light? Maybe he wanted world-domination as the game suggested? Maybe he wanted to turn the archipelago into a winter-wonderland because, as we all know, raccoons LOVE snow...Though maybe not him. He is evil, after all...

*I know the comics describe how Rhene escaped the prison easier than B.J. Blazkowics escaped Castle Wolfenstein, but I like to view them as a not-so-canon-until-ITE2 comic. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but eh...I prefer official over semi-official.


No reply in two days? Wow. I mean, I know the forums are slow, but c'mon, I can't be the only guy out here that cheers for the bad guys at the end of good movies and ponders their glorious comebacks, right? Ah well, at least this game exists and is still active to this day. That's enough to make me hopeful. (Sorry for the bump)