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Would ITE Be a Good Candidate for a Humble Bundle Game?

Started by wwwolf, Jun 17, 2013, 01:41 PM

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A thought that crossed my mind.  The Humble Bundles have been great for bringing publicity to smaller game developers.  Would ITE be a good game to try and get included in a future bundle?

The Hubble Bundles have three major requirements:
1) The games have to run on Win/Mac/Linux... check.
2) The games have to be from 'indie' developers... check (they're okay with games that have been published in the past)
3) Part of the proceeds go to charity...

A number of companies such as Double Fine and Telltale have used the Humble Bundle as a way to not only bring in a quick injection of cash, but also help promote their future games.  This could be just what ITE needs if they want to raise awareness of the game and get ready for another Kickstarter campaign.

The last Humble Bundle raised 2.5 million dollars and was purchased 450,000 times during its two week run.

Wyrmkeep wouldn't get all the money (the bundles have between four to eight games in them), but it might be a nice windfall.  Plus it would help raise awareness of the game.

This could even fit in well with ITE's recent appearance on GOG.  A number of GOG titles also appeared on the Humble Bundle.

I'm new here, so this may have been discussed before.  Just a thought.


I'm glad you brought this to my attention. I will look into it.