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Fan Art Contest Entry

Started by Falkurneeze, Dec 21, 2008, 09:29 AM

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Hello, everyone! I joined the Inherit the Earth forum forum several months ago but have since neglected to post any messages. Anyhow, I decided to enter a little piece of mine for the Fan Art/ Fiction Contest this year. I was pleased with it, at any rate. It is rather a springtime scene for this Christmas season, but since scholars suggest that the Messiah was actually born in the spring, I did not feel that it was too out of line. You may call it Rif the Fox Baron and the New Human Artifact. Rather dapper, me laddy buck.


Pardon the poor quality of the page, but it was really just intended to dislpay the image. Feel free to shower me with your comments, critiques and whatnot. Do not worry, I am a big girl.   ^_^

cairn destop

Not bad.  I had a friend that used pastels and they had the same appearance.  Didn't notice the lamb or the mouse first time I looked.  Reminded me of something you might have seen in a morph world prior to our WWI era. 
Once again my avatar is working.  Does Snoopy happydance. 

"The only definitions of the word 'fair' is in reference to the weather and a carnival, any other meaning is strictly a product of your imagination."


Thanks. I actually did this in colored pencils. My only regret is that the flowers near the bottom did not turn out as vibrantly as I had hoped, but you know how bold you have to be when you scan an image. Hee, maybe this is a picture of one of Rif's descendants after all. Let us see, the current Morph era seems to be the Middle Ages. If they follow the same pattern as their human counterparts, then he should be born around five hundred years later, Romantic Era. Just finished reading Frankenstein in October, so I am currently really into nineteenth century fashion. Had a lot of fun with this. Yes, I did not want anything to really detract from the main character (I tend to have a problem with too much detail in both foreground and background). Hmm...the mouse?  :huh: Curses, does the memory of those rats have to haunt poor Rif everywhere he goes?  ^_^


Quote from: Falkurneeze on Dec 24, 2008, 03:14 PM
Curses, does the memory of those rats have to haunt poor Rif everywhere he goes?  ^_^

Probably :rolleyes:


Nice job with the color rendering. :) Gives it a nice sense of depth.