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Intro Movie

Started by WyrmMaster, Aug 18, 2008, 08:23 PM

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I have created a Quicktime movie of the intro to Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb. The video can be found here. I have also uploaded the movie to YouTube.

If you want to download the movie, you should know its about 15MB is size.

Please place any comments about the movie in this topic.


WHOA! Ten minutes!
I've watched the intro many many times... and never guessed about its length...

Great, great, GREAT! Thanks for the intro.. and thanks again for revived this pearl.

Youtubeing around I've found some other good videos...
Feel free, Mr. Pearce, to edit the message if you consider the links inappropriate.

Great Moments in Inherit The Earth (Part 1)
One of the best gag I'v ever heard. A lovely Abbott&Costello tribute.

Great Moments in Inherit The Earth (Part 2)
Simply awesome. Great example of flash comicality (comedy essence).


Pretty to see the into once again. Thanks for uploading :)