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A (Better) Idea for ITE

Started by Wes13, Jul 01, 2004, 10:11 PM

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I have a better Idea for a sequel.
Rif, Riene, Eeah and okk go searchibg for more achient human ruins to help Sist complete Hios records.
They go to places such as Wash. D.C., Moscow, London, Mecca, Jerusleam, Berlin, and Rome and find out much more about the humans history.

Such Important events they learn are the American Revolution, The religons of Islam, Judisim, and Christanity, The October Revolution, World Wars I and II, THe horribility of Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and many other historical events.
"Enemies of the Imperium, you have come here to die. The Immortal Emperor is with us and we are invincible. We are the First Kronus regiment and today is our Victory Day!" -Governor Lukas Alexander, Leader of the Imperial Guard forces on the planet Kronus


I'd be more interested in the world's future. Say, Ferrets explore the secret of lenses, discover the germ theory of disease, and learn about a Human-made virus that affects Morphs -- just in time for the Wolves and Boars to tempt the "good" races into using it. Rats may know of the ancient term "LD50"...

Or, a fugitive band of Rats takes up residence in a Human ruin and gets enough of it working to become powerful. A Human is found in stasis and revived, knowing they're eventually going to die and make humanity extinct again. The Human wants to save their kind, so they persuade the Rat hero to steal an Orb and rebuild a cloning facility, risking an attack by every other Morph in the name of reviving the lost master race.

A creepy guy finds the Orb of Storms and worships it in a cave until a hero steals it and takes it on a quest to destroy it at Mount Doom... oh, wait, that's been done. Hmm, Okk cackling, "My precious..."

Other stories are possible. The aspects of the setting to take advantage of are (1) the races' different abilities and personalities, (2) the excitement of a Rennaissance, and (3) old Human tech lying around. It doesn't have to be about Saving the World.


If I understood the Orbs correctly, the Orb of Storms actually controls the weather. At the end of the game, it says that a dry season has been activated and to give it a time to end the dry spell. If the Orb doesn't wait for an end date, the Morphs could be in for a world of trouble as rain becomes non-existant.


It is true that the Orb of Storms has been set to cause a dry spell somewhere.



Generally, I would like to see some more of mankind involved. I'm aware that this has to be done very carefully, since an appearance of Humans would destabilize the very Morph world.

But still, it has the potential to be very interesting. For example, see this scenario:

It is almost 150 years after the game. The Morphs developed from a medieval-like society to a society in the Renaissance. Science makes great leaps (the Human artifacts greatly accelerate the scientific advance). Boars and wolves joined forces 70 years ago and almost started a war against the Elk - this was stopped only by a massive alliance of all the other tribes and the Elk. Today, there is an unease peace between the two sides, although Morphs from one group immediately get arrested when entering forbidden territory (that is, the territory of the other side). The dry period set in, and created a large desert in a part of the lands. The desert is virtually unknown, since no Morph survives there long enough to tell about his explorations. However, many human artifacts are there, making the desert very attractive for those looking for great treasures.

Then, three things happen: 1) rumors arise about new activities in the wolf/boar realm. 2) an increased amount of merchants report strange sightings in the desert (merchants routinely pass some paths through the desert, although they never go deep into it). 3) Several human artifacts are stolen from the royal academy of studies. The protagonist (the player can choose the tribe) is sent out to find out who stole them and where they are. Early studies had made it clear that the artifacts were very powerful and dangerous, thus the Elk King is very concerned und urges you to hurry before somebody uses them for unspeakable things.

Eventually, the player finds out that the case is far greater than expected, with many persons involved. It all points to somebody collecting lots of artifacts (several of them have been stolen from other places, too). When the player finds out that a shadowy thieves organization stole them, he gets abducted by them. The player wakes up, and sees several Morphs around him/her, figuring out what to do with him/her (I'll stick with "him" from now on, easier to write). But then a loud bang is heard from above, and somebody cries "alarm!". The thieves rush upstairs and leave the player alone in the room. Then, a cloaked figure appears, and frees the player, telling him that he has to hurry, his quest is of even greater importance than he thought. Then the ominous person disappears around the corner. Confused, the player flees upstairs, and finds the whole building shattered. Some experiments with human artifacts went haywire, and the thieves are running, since the explosion could be heard from far away, and Elk troops are already on their way. However, the player finds out that most artifacts have already been transported away. On a note in the deserted quarters of the leader, he discovers the destination: the capital city of the wolf/boar realm.

Next stop: the wolf/boar city. Here he stumbles upon signs of the same thieves who kidnapped him before. After a series of events (plug in some ideas here :) ), he stands in the main hall where loads of artifacts are stored. Apparently, the wolves found out how to use gunpowder and TNT, and collect human artifacts to find out more about their weapons. Obviously, the Elk and all the other tribes have no chance against this. But the player notices that most artifacts seem to come from one route, and only a minor amount from the cities. It is then that the cloaked figure appears again. He drags the player into an unused room, and reveals himself. He is a she. And she is a human. The player is shocked to see one of the ancients in front of him. She explains that she has been accidentally reawakened from cold sleep by the boars who studied her tube. She could get away, but is very concered from what she has seen. Of course, the player wants to ask her many things about the humans, but she says there is no time for this at the moment. They have to go to the main source of the artifacts: the core of the desert.

The human leads the player to a hidden passage in the mountains, leading them beneath the desert. However, the wolves and the boar have been using another passage which lies right to the left of this one, so they have to be very careful not to be seen, since there are several corridors interconnecting the two passages. During the journey, she explains the player that the humans were almost wiped out by an artificial illness, produced for a war that never happened. The virus leaked, however, and could not be stopped in time. The humans managed to drastically shorten its lifespan, though, meaning that after several decades the virus would die off, and it would not reproduce. The remaining humans went to cold sleep deep beneath the earth, right where the weather-controlling mainframes are. Several things are at stake: if the wolves and the boars get hold of more advanced technology, the other tribes are doomed. The humans had been scheduled for reawakening in 500 years, and this timespan is ending soon; if the humans awake, and find the aggressive wolf/boar Morphs, no one knows what will happen. Also, it is possible that the wolves and the boars decide to kill the humans in cold sleep - after all, they are the only ones superior to them. (The woman was in a cold sleep tube located in a room above the main hall; she was supposed to be the first one reawakened, in order to prepare things for the other humans. Thats why she could be captured - she was in a less secured room.)

when they arrive, they see that the boars already found some "plastic bombs", as the woman tells. Seeing the vastness of their armory, she recognizes that the only thing they can do now is to reawaken the humans. The very threat of armed humans will leave the wolves and boars no choice but to surrender, and a bloodshed can be prevented. Sneaking in through the camps of the wolves and the boars, the woman leads the player to a hidden door. Seemingly magically she opens the door just by pressing her hand above it. entering the enormous main hall, the player is astonished, but the woman urges him to hurry. She asks him to help him mounting several parts which fell off during the years. Eventually, they make it, all broken parts are repaired, and the reawakening process is initiated. just as planned, the humans are awakened and first tend to the woman for first informations (this was the planned procedure, the woman finds out what happened to the world, and then briefs the others, so that they are not totally lost in the new world). They understand and start to arm themselves. All of them put on hazmat suits - after all, their first intent is intimidation, not annihilation. It works - most wolves and boars are absolutely shocked by seeing the ancients, and surrender. The main hall contains several land and airborne vehicles, which the humans use to face the wolves and the boars in the hall with the artifacts. The airborne vehicles attack several parts of the wolf city - making NO casualties (!), just intimidating them. It works, too - the sight of airborne machines from the ancient humans attacking them absolutely demoralizes them, and they give up. The humans seize control over the artifacts hall, and take all artifacts with them.

The player returns to the lands, and tells the King about the reawakened humans and how they prevented a catastrophe. The king does not believe him, but is satisfied that the wolves and the boars no longer have the artifacts. However, the player tells him that they want to meet him, and  then, a group of humans - the woman along with them - come with an airborne vehicle and land in front of the castle. Absolutely flattened, the King stands up, and the woman approaches him (this would be a very interesting sort of "close encounter of the third kind" :) ). She greets him, and tells him that everything is true. The humans decided that the artifacts are too dangerous to let them in the hands of the Morph, and thus they will keep them for themselves - after all, they need to rebuild their own civilization. The King states that they cannot live in the desert, but the woman clarifies that they already repaired the error in the weather system, and soon there will be no desert anymore. The woman then starts answering the questions of the Elk King - the questions all Morph have. End.

Well, that was one heavy brainstorming (so, this is the first version, of course there are lots of things that could be changed/improved). Tell me your thoughts about it  B)

EDIT: First I wanted to integrate some divisions among the humans, for example having them reawakened, two groups form, one wants to coexist with the Morph, another wants to use them as cheap labor. The latter one takes over the wolves and the boars. This would be very interesting, and I admit that the version above suffers from being somewhat one-dimensional concering the humans, but humans controlling the wolves and the boars and such would be a tad too dark IMO (after all, ITE wasn't so dark).
I could think about it, if you think its OK, tho.