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My Music CD came

Started by WolfieInu, Apr 02, 2008, 11:43 AM

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The music CD I got as a prize came today... :)

But of course it said "Wolfie Inu" on the package, and I had to explain why... *blush*

The guy behind the counter thought it was hilarious... I was worried for a while though, since I had no proof "Wolfie Inu" was me... the address on my ID is for my old address and still says that I come from Transvaal Province, which hasn't existed for about 14 years now... but I did get the package, so that's OK.

And then I listened to it and remembered how I played ItE the first time and now I can't wait for ItE 2!!! Come on guys, sell it to me, it's Autumn down here already...  :rolleyes: :D
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