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Long time passing (and a lot of changes)

Started by Corvus, Mar 29, 2017, 02:37 AM

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Every so often I'll have a chance to point someone this way to investigate The Labyrinth of Time and I am reminded of how long it has been. Apparently someone called Nightdive bought the rights to the game to distribute it on Steam? I wasn't expecting that, and I've eschewed directing people toward that download mostly out of my own confusion as to who would be getting paid.

A lot has changed for me as well, to the point where when I show people the Adventurer's Guide for LoT, I have to say, "Yes, that was my name." It still puts a smile on my face to see it there, available for purchase, something I was able to create and contribute to the old game I still love so much. It does seem folks are finding the game through Steam, but that doesn't lead them here where I can talk with them. A shame, that.

I do miss talking with folks here who loved the game as much as I do. Someone was trying to recreate the game in another engine... I wonder what happened with that. Was there ever any real chance for a sequel? What else has Wyrmkeep done -- did those RPG books mentioned in an announcement ever come to fruition? Is Joe still here?


Night Dive is licensing The Labyrinth of Time from Wyrmkeep Entertainment for distribution on Steam.