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Inherit the Earth RPthread

Started by Oxanna, Dec 16, 2007, 10:17 PM

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Thanks to permission from WyrmMaster, I've decided to start an ItE RPthread on this forum, too.
Your position:
Violent storms have increased and become dangerous. If the Orb of Storms cannot be found, it may mean doom for the Known Lands. A Tornado has flattened the Sanctuary.
Each tribe (except the Dogs, the Rats and the Otters) sends forth one or more travellers to look for the Orb.

You meet me, a traveller from the North Island, at the crossroads and tell me of your problem. We set off for the Wild Lands. Difficulties will arise as we have no money to pay the toll to pass through the Dog Castle; thus, we will have to find another way over the mountains.
Hostile tribes and strange animals (incl. venomous snakes, my pet aversion) pose threats to our journey. There will be a presupposed travelling kit:

2 Ropes
One chosen weapon each
One bag of chosen food and one bag of wine each
A blanket/rug each except myself
One axe between us all
Our wits and survival skills

Tips for weapons:
Any sort of middle-age weapon can be chosen (with the exception of things like catapults, of course :) ) but:
Boars prefer swords
Elks prefer bows and arrows
Foxes prefer bows and arrows or daggers, although they like swords as well
Rabbits, Bears and Ferrets: I have no clue

The Expedition Leader: A Wolf: Frogmage

Her 2IC: A Jackal: WolfieInu
Jackals are crafty and intelligent. They can help the others out of scrapes where fast wits are necessary... and others into scrapes with fast wits
Very much the same as Jackals, except that they are excellent archers and different qualities of wit stand out differently

Rabbits, fleet of foot and good at hiding, can easily spy for information

Elks are very good archers and jumpers. Eeah the Elk helps Rif and Okk to cross a rocky chasm in the game

Bears are fearsome and look very dangerous. Some of them are; many, though, are good-natured with a particular weakness for sweets

Ferrets are very good at crafting things. This particular Ferret is a jack-of-all-trades, mostly, although he does prefer woodwork

Boars have an aggressive nature and are quick to draw their swords and threaten. This causes much trouble, as the rest of the expedition usually has to help Baludin the Boar out of scrapes he gets into for 'disrespecting' position or threatening/frightening the life out of a member of a big tribe...

(Sorry for the Sanctuary-flattening bit, though -_-)


Name: Oxanna
Status: Adolescent
Race: Wolf
Tribe: Mountain Wolves
Height: 6'2"
Weapon: Scimitar
Skills: Swordfighting, swimming, tracking

The leader of the Mountain Wolves shot a worried look at the overcast sky. It never rained at this time of year - or never had. "I don't know what's wrong," he thought to himself, "but it looks as though I shall have to find out." It was as he was pondering this that a young member of the tribe, Oxanna, walked up to him and bowed.
"Yes?" asked the leader. He liked Oxanna; she had sometimes been courageous where some of the boys had been afraid.
"Sir," she began, "According to the customs of our tribe, when one is of my age one is granted status as an adult. But there is one condition: that one goes on a journey within a fortnight of the birthday. All of the others have found reason and destination; except myself."
"And why is that?"
"I see no reason to issue forth from here."
"But I do."
"As you are well aware, it never rains during this time of year. And yet, this year, the sky is overcast!"
"I had noticed it myself, sir, but -"
"I want you to go on a journey to see if you can discover the reason."
"Isn't it just a natural occurrence of the elements?"
"It may or may not be, Oxanna, but the fact is that you must embark on a journey, and I am merely giving you a reason. Whether it makes sense to you or not doesn't matter. You have your orders and that's that. I want you to depart tomorrow, at dawn."
That was another thing about her, one he disliked; her inability to take orders and work in a team.
"Very well, sir,"
I wonder whether I shall find anything? she thought to herself as she strode back towards her family's hut.


Name: Allester E. Darkflame
Status: Elder, Exiled Alpha
Race: Red Wolf
Tribe: None
Height: 6'1"
Age: 37
Weapon: Duel Swords (Shouldn't this count as one weapon? If not I can adjust it)
Skills: Swordsman, Strategy, Survival (Forest, Plains and Mountains) Skills

Allester sat in the midst of the rain storm, fur soaked to the point he looked like a very large wet rat. His back pressed against a tree trunk while he rested on a low lying branch to at least keep his feet and rear end dry. His emerald eyes flickered a slight blue as lightning licked the sky. He could tell this storm was not natural. The wind blew all wrong, the rain felt oily, and then there was the lightning.
"What have the Spirits thrown at us now?" he asked, brushing a paw over his left bicep. A fresh wound there reminding him of the recent days events.
"Are they upset at me for what path I've chosen? Or is it something else?" he thought to himself.
With a sigh, he stood on his feet and pulled his cloak off of a broken limb and slung it over his shoulders, pulling the hood up and started down the road to where he knew there was a crossroads nearby, one that would decide his fate. He would follow his heart, or return and reclaim his pack.

~ Allester E. Darkflame
~ Allester E. Darkflame


It would count as one weapon.

Maybe, though, you should go to the one at RHJunior, it's been better established and we've already got a few players. Also, Marcus Wulf and Lymril have gone there and will be more likely to stay there than come to one here.


Note: you must be a registered user and logged in to see the RP forum.
See you there! -_-


Heh, well I have no idea what RH Junior is, and after looking, it seems out of the ItE world which is something I rather enjoyed having around. I'll just sit on my paws and continue writing the stories. =^^=
~ Allester E. Darkflame


Heh, I understand what you're saying. RHJ forums seemed strange to me at one time (oh, how long ago that all seems!) but after introducing myself and receiving a very warm if not very sane welcome, I soon settled in.
Also, everybody on the RPthread has atleast read the comics, so they know basically what they're talking about.
Give it a shot. -_-