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But is it art?

Started by WolfieInu, Sep 22, 2007, 03:05 PM

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I see someone else also heard of ITE through Wikipedia ... means I'm not the only one. Now what were they telling us in [[WP:NOT]] about advertising? :)

Okay, so I made this even before I knew about Inherit the Earth, so strictly I guess it's not fan art. But here it is anyway.

I also wrote some fan fiction... but I'll be going over it again to refine it a bit and avoid future embarrassment ;)
Shiba Inu: Today the local ecosystem, tomorrow the world!


"It was the 23rd Century. Morphkind's darkest hour. We had been competing in puzzle contests for so long, nobody could remember the reason why it had all started in the first place. All we knew was that there were two sides: the Scorralition, and the Riffliance. For days, millions of game pieces 'died' for the same piece of chequered board, again and again. Finally, one side managed to gain the upper hand: the Scorralition.
"In ignorance, the Riffliance mentally polished the victory medallion, instead of concentrating on the Puzzle. And so the Scorralition kicked the Riffliance's behind.
"That was eight minutes ago, when we came here to parody two games at once. We've come a long way since then: we have joked, we have laughed, we have wasted time. And we will soon forget..."

>>     RIFLANCER     <<

The piece of fan art below is what might happen if you combined ITE with Freelancer. I don't have online space so I'm dumping it on the Wyrmkeep server, so please tell me if I'm wasting space. (Note that you must be registered as a user and logged on to view this image.)

EDIT: Uploaded it somewhere else, now hopefully viewable for everybody.

Shiba Inu: Today the local ecosystem, tomorrow the world!



Thanks ... :)

I decided to make this when it occurred to me that both games revolve around an ancient artifact, with the power to change the world/sector, and left by an advanced race that had mysteriously disappeared. I was going to do something with an artifact that was between the Orb and the Nomad Artifact, but my pixel art skills (which were never much anyway) aren't what they were since I don't use Paintbrush (Win 3.1) anymore ...
Shiba Inu: Today the local ecosystem, tomorrow the world!