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What did happen to the humans?

Started by FallenWolf, Jun 10, 2004, 12:23 PM

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That is the question i have always been asking myself... dear wyrmkreep, can you.. maybe.. please... tell us?  :unsure:



That is to be revealing in a future game. You can read about what was planned during the original development in old interviews of Talin and Lisa Sample nee Jennings at http://www.furryvideogames.org/, but it should be noted that Wyrmkeep Entertainment may choose a totally different explanation if it makes for a better story.


Thanks for the link. I already supposed somethink like this. The interview doesn't sound like there was a big will to continue ITE?
Ok i understand that there will be no companies interested in a second part if the first part didn't sell well...

Do you think that there is a chance? I know it's stupid, but i'd like to help...



Look closely on the "primitive" drawings that scroll by at the beginning of the game.

Listen carefully to the voice-over.

There are enough hints that will point you in the right direction, but enough wiggle-room is left to completely rewrite that particular bit of history, if Wyrmkeep wanted.


I have my own theroy on what happened to the humans. Many colonies were made on other planets. Some time later they discover a wormhole that sends them to another part of the universe. Many colony ships were sent through that wormhole but one day it colapsed cutting off the new colonies with earth.  Then soon after that the virus came into place on earth and killed off the humans on earth but as a last ditch attempt they created the Morphs using advanced technology to continue their intelligent thinking. While on the other side of the wormhole technology progressed faster than anyone had predicted and 5 nations come out of the ashes of the old colonies. Soon they had evolved based on the differnet planets that they were on and looked different from each other. Over 500 years they had discovered many new star systems including one with a extreamly large structure where the achient wormhole had been. It looked like it controled the flow and stability of the wormhole.

So based on my theory the humans could somehow make another wormhole back to earth by the time Rif is around.
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well it seems to be a matter of fact that a deadly virus was the reason for the humans to disappear, but there might be some left on hidden places on earth or even on out-space stations.

that's what the 'writer' sais :)


Well, the time when the humens vanashed doesn't seem to be based that far into the future if they were still using telescopes and jet airplanes (as seen in the introduction sequence).
    So my theroy is sometime in 20xx (like 2072) a war began between countrys, the morph experiments were being conducted in secret by the US.  A war began, the enemy country, well underpowered by the US miliary resorts to something much more effective then any bomb; they develop a deadly virus only humens are subseptable to (cus if they killed very living thing the land would be useless and might disrupt food supplys and might poisen the water supplys killing half the planet.)
    So they unleash this deadly virus in all major US citys. But they had far far underestimated the contractability of this new virus, they were also unaware of how long the virus would lay in dorment to be contracted and it ends up spreading all over the globe due to travelers, carryed by animals through the wind and waters. The planet, infected with a virus that will last for hundreds of years, force the last remaining humen population evacuate into space. The unharmed anthropomorhpic (morphed) races were set free before the evacuation was complete. But due to lack of uninfected supplys the remaining humens were forced to leave the morphs behind.

(Edit: hahaha, well, at least I was close. Now that I read the interview.)