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Music Files

Started by Kiolansin, May 28, 2007, 02:52 PM

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Is there anyone here who is able to send me most or some of the tracks of LoT?  I would greatly appreciate it.  I hope this forum isn't COMPLETELY dead.   :mellow:


Someone here had the pieces as individual tracks.  I had them from this person, but then lost them in a computer crash.  I now have the entire loop as one mp3, thanks to someone else, but I'd like to get the individual tracks back as well...


I had it as individual tracks but just recently got a more complete rip from the Amiga version. It has a song or two I missed. I need to separate that one up.


Oh, well, I would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me when you've got that finished.  Absolutely no hurry, though.   -_-


Do you use AIM or MSN?


I do; I use AIM.  Sorry for being so late to respond, but I've gotten out of the habit of checking here every day.


I have got mp3 files of the music.

If you want the songs, please let me know.