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Random questions concerning the world of ITE

Started by Mira, Jun 10, 2004, 03:14 AM

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Concerning the size of Morphs...
Are they approx the size of humans?  Smaller?  Larger?  Can we assume that they are grouped into sizes (Rats and Ferrets < Foxes and Wolves < Elks and Bears)?

Concerning females...
Do they still give birth to litters, or have they shifted to giving birth to one at a time?  Do they still go into heat?  Do they menstruate or PMS?

Can wolves and dogs still breed?


Hey Mira :)

Very interesting post.. heheh..
So well i can give you answers about general anthromorph characters (thats what they are called like, "furry" is something different).
  • In general, most Anthros are taller then humans. A Wolf would have the size about 2,40 - 2,60 meters.
  • About the birth. I think, they would 'normally' birth only one pup. But, of course, more are possible :P
  • Heat? Yes, sure :P How should that anyway work? *g* (would take away the fun anyway, eh?)
  • And well, of course they menstruate. As every living animal except insects.
  • Crossbreeding is of course possible, but those children will always have problems in their future life cause they easily get isolated.
Hope that i could help you ;)



In the game they're more or less the size of humans - you'll notice the size-ratio when you start wandering around the derelict buildings towards the end of the game, though some animals are smaller than others (the rats are the smallest I've seen, I think).

Well, it looks like smouldering Cheetah temptresses can, so I'd say anything's a given...


In my opinion that might be a mistake that the "antic" buildings fit to the character's size. Have you ever thought about how tall a wolf would be if he would walk upright? His body is already as "tall" as 3/4 of a normal human, plus the much longer legs (canine)... ^^

They must be taller :D  


That's because a wolf's internal body structure is designed for them walking on all four legs.

The internal vital structures would be compressed considerably if they were meant to walk up on two legs, because they would not have to distribute their internal organs as they do now in order not to injure themselves when they run and pounce.

Its why humans feel so ackward when they drop to all fours and try to move around extensively - muscles start to cramp together because the torso is "too short" and all the organs are mashed together. Good for two-leggers, bad for four leggers.


Threed is right. But as far as in-game, if you watch the surroundings when you get the the building on the mountan with the astrominer (spelling is not my strong point) dog in side and he talks about what we would call a Telescope and explanes how he broke it he mentions that he found the house and he suspects it was left by the 'humens' as well as the telescope and other stuff. Well if that house was built for humens to live in, surely the window the dog looks out was made for about the hight of a humen. And yo can also see a Tri-pod for the Telescope, most tripods are 3-4 feet high when the 3 legs come togeather and have a hight adjustable center rod on which the telescope is mounted. So if the Telescope was also made by humens, obviously in relations to the surroundings, the larger Morphs in game seem to be about the same exact hight of humens. ;)