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Forums "updated" to SMF

Started by WyrmMaster, Apr 30, 2006, 04:40 PM

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We are now using the forum software from Simple Machines. We have attempted to import all the data from the old forum software, but you may need to update your profile if something got dropped in the process.

We also recovered the deleted posts the the ITE Comic Strip forum. Whoo!


Looks spiffy. Gonna take some getting used to, though.

Something tells me cairn destop isn't going to like having to re-adjust his avatar again....


I'll second you on those thoughts...

The look of the forum itself reminds me a bit of Mac OS 9's 'Platinum' look, and a few of the older Gnome themes on Linux...

EDIT: Yeah, looking at Carin's now oversized avatar (Horizontal scroll bars? Haven't seen those in awhile...), he's gonna have some work to do. Fun...

James Woodcock

I have used SMF for years, brilliant software and a great addition to the website.
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SMF is up to version SMF 1.1.1 which contains some fixes and updates.