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Voice Cast of Inherit the Earth

Started by Damiano, Sep 02, 2006, 04:58 PM

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What I would like to know...who was the voice of whom in Inherit the Earth? Who spoke Rif? Who spoke Eeah and Okk and Rhene and Chota?

I don't know why, but it really is something I am interested in! :)

Does anyone know?


The records listing which voice actor played which part are not in our possession here at Wyrmkeep Entertainment.

As a little research project, I decided to google all the actors credited in the game and see what information I could find. The results are shown below. I can't promise that the links are to the actual actor, but all the links are to voice actors who were active around 1994. Many of these actors are still active, although Wikipedia indicates that Jeff Winkless just passed away.

Also, the game had uncredited actors.

If anyone can identify which actor played which part, please send us an email at techsupport@wyrmkeep.com with that information.

Robert Axelrod link
Louise Chamis link
Ellyn Epcar link
Richard Epcar link
Ryan O' Flanagan *
Eddie Frierson link
Kathy Garver link
Melora Harte link
Steve Kramer link
Catherine Luciani link
B.G. Mills link
Mike Reynolds link
Michael J. Sorich link
Doug Stone link
Wendee Swan link
Chesley Uxbridge **
Jeff Winkless link

* Nothing found on Google.
** There is an actor named Chesley Uxbridge, but he is not listed as having done voice acting.

The game is listed in the credits of Richard Epcar.
Ellyn and Richard Epcar are married.
Malora Harte and Steve Kramer are married.