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Welcome to the Fan Art & Fiction Forum

Started by WyrmMaster, Aug 05, 2006, 05:51 PM

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This is a forum were you can post fan art and fiction based on Inherit the Earth.

You should only post artwork or stories you created. We encourage you to create a new topic for each item you post.

Postings should be compatible with the "general audiences" theme of the game and comic strip. That means no explicit violence, sexual themes, language, etc. Any such posting will be sequestered, and the poster will receive a notice of we consider the problem with the material in the post. A second such posting can result in banning. Links in posts to disallowed materials can result in immediate (maybe temporary) banning -- such post cross the line into spam.

In conjunction with this new forum, we will be running an ongoing contest. Whenever we decide that there are enough pieces of artwork (by different artists) posted, an award will be given to the best of that batch of artwork. An individual can only win one award per 90 day period.

The winner will receive a choice of one of the following: a Rif T-Shirt, a copy of Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, a copy of Music from Inherit the Earth, or a signed copy of comic book #1.

We also will be giving out awards for fan fiction, but we aren't sure what the rules should be yet. If you submit fan fiction right now, it may qualify retroactively. Just go for it  -_-