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Inherit the Earth sequel?

Started by FallenWolf, Apr 10, 2006, 04:49 AM

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Heya there :)

some time has passed since i posted last time on this forum, but well, i'd like to ask something again:

several weeks ago i got an email from "wyrmkeep", that there would be an official sequel for ITE in mid 2006? Is that really true?

till now i tought that nobody would really programm something new about it. so, what may i hope for? ;)


(Biggest ITE fan ever! ^^)


Well yea if you look around a bit you can see that they are trying to make one, or at least planning it right now. I don't understand, however, why no one gets back to me about it once I post, so....I dunno. Maybe it will be all through email now or somethin.


The mid-2006 date is when we will be making an announcement about the sequel, not when the sequel will be ready. Check back after Califur in May.


Ah i see :) well, i'll anyway gonna have to wait. If you still need some support, just let us know - i think there are many people who would like to help in very different ways.


Yes, including myself in Fallen's statement.


hope you guys will have time for it!



Yes, I know.

All the ducks aren't in a row yet, so I don't want to make an "official" announcement right now.

-- The Management