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ITE runs slow on Win7, and other issues

Started by Tobibrocki, Oct 03, 2014, 06:59 AM

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to report a problem about the German GOG release of the game, but I bought it there yesterday and it just doesn't run as fast as the DOS version.
The intro is slow, the cursor is laggy and the game just doesn't seem to respond as nicely as the older versions when played in ScummVM as far as I remember.
Just to see if it's the German Release, I downloaded the English Version and that one runs at normal speed and is responsive as one would expect, but lacks the german audio/text sadly, it also seems that both releases share the same version number, which makes me wonder why it doesn't want to run like the English version does.
Is it possible to patch the game for Win7 etc. to make it more responsive and bring it up to speed?

One more issue I noticed with both releases is that they don't go Fullscreen as in "FULL" screen, they just stay in a certain size and the rest of the screen is black, also, in both releases the colours are very odd looking when played in Fullscreen mode, in the german version it even shows up as black and white for me. Upon rechecking, the english release now also goes to black and white. =/

What I should probably also point out is, that when played Fullscreen, the german release plays slightly faster than when it's in window mode, but only slightly.

Also, a minor request besides a bugfix, I would really like it if a "window size" option would be implemented in the options menu where you could select a window size/scale level since, to be honest, it's rather small on a 1080p monitor. ^^;



I am working an update that will allow a true full-screen mode for Inherit the Earth Windows. It might even fix these other problems you are seeing. Once ready I will be handing it off to GOG for an update.