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Events order in North Island

Started by Kaal-Jhyy, May 05, 2005, 07:20 PM

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Hi !
I'm on North Island, and I've noticed a weird thing...
In fact, the first time I discover the Island, I've decided to walk the long of the isle, and the first place I've seen is the the wolf village. At this time, when I enter in the right doorway, I'm suddenly in jail, and Shiala comes to rescue me! Ok, "thanks Shiala but it seems I haven't see the whole movie"...
So, finding that weird, I've decided to restart the North Island (with a save that I've made at the time I arrive on the island), and simply follow the instructions of a walktrough found on the net, and so, doing all in order. And the story is really more understanding...

So, I think there is some "bug" with the events order. If we don't go to the different places of the island in the RIGHT order, the story is quite messed up... Too bad. A fence at the entrance of the wolves village could be a good point, to avoid we enter in too early, no ?

That's all I've seen right now, on the Mac OS X version, and I'm really enjoying playing this game! Great work! Thanks again for that re-release !  :lol:  


I too discovered this. I found it odd that if you go to the wolves camp before even meeting them, and you go enter the prison on the right you'll suddenly be captured in it and need the assistance of Shiala.

Is this some kind of bug? I mean there isn't even any cutscene or any reason to how you wind up capture from walking into the prison by your own free will.

I'm also playing the OS X version of Inherit the Earth.
The sad thing was once I did meet the wolves at the dam I already knew what would happen since this bug already gave away the escape that would take place. :(


Yeah, that is kinda mucked-up.

Fixing it is not high on our priority list right now.